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FEMAIL joined 10 teen dating groups on the site - to find girls claiming to be 14 posting revealing selfies. Children's charity the NSPCC has called the.

alot of people on dat sites are trannys/transexuals that act like there a women but born a man..

I m sorry this is happening to you! If I find out who it is I will send a very angry message to them!! I have not added many people from here onto FB but the people I have added it is because I respect, like and trust them due to the answers they have given me over the years. It took me a long time to start adding some of my contacts to FB but the one s I have added, I have enjoyed getting to know better and seeing out LO grow up. I also enjoy hearing how your LO s are developing and its also nice having some friends who have kids on FB to reach out when you are having a bad day. I hope that you figure out who it is!!!

I don t care if it s just a random pic of something, but if it s a picture of someone else and they try and pass it off as their own, I get angry about it. On Myspace and Facebook as well, but I don t know anyone who doesn t use photos of themselves on them.