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Ancient Greek toys dating back to Hellenistic period discovered in Turkey

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The Industrial Workers of the World ( IWW ), members of which are commonly termed " Wobblies ", is an international labor union that was founded in 1905 in Chicago, Illinois in the United States of America. The union combines general unionism with industrial unionism , as it is a general union whose members are further organized within the industry of their employment. The philosophy and tactics of the IWW are described as "revolutionary industrial unionism", with ties to both socialist and anarchist labor movements.

The IWW promotes the concept of " One Big Union ", and contends that all workers should be united as a social class to supplant capitalism and wage labor with industrial democracy. [8] They are known for the Wobbly Shop model of workplace democracy , in which workers elect their managers [9] and other forms of grassroots democracy ( self-management ) are implemented. IWW membership does not require that one work in a represented workplace, [10] nor does it exclude membership in another labor union. [11]

In 2012, the IWW moved its General Headquarters offices to 2036 West Montrose, Chicago. [12] The origin of the nickname "Wobblies" is uncertain. [13]

In the chaotic years after the fall of the Berlin Wall, utopian left-wingers occupied empty buildings in Berlin’s east, while neo-Nazis were ever more.

The evening of November 21st, 1992, is seared into my memory. I was in my apartment in the Berlin district of Mitte, listening to radio station DT64, which reported vaguely about a dust-up between right-wingers and the local leftist scene near the Samariterstrasse U-Bahn stop in Friedrichshain.

It was completely unclear what had happened, but I hadn’t seen my friends at the 47 Schreinerstrasse squat for a while, so I headed over for a visit and, of course, to get the inside scoop on what had gone down.

As I exited the U-Bahn station at the corner of Samariterstrasse and Frankfurter Allee, I spied a luminescent candle-lit vigil at the top of the stairs, a handful of teenage punks sitting cross-legged around it.

To run a SUCCESSFUL news & entertainment blog = competing with bloggers DEDICATED to it DAILY You can t even be bothered to search @ the MANY such sites, let alone compare & collate em daily For REAL journos out there. Is BBC4 Monday 10.20 Baader Meinhof Complex docu timed to glamourise anarchist terrorism as Rammstein tour UK?

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Meghan Markle’s reportedly dating Prince Harry, and if the couple do become ‘official’ we’re set to have a whole new royal style icon on our hands.

Pictured at the Vogue Fashion Fund Awards last year, the actress sported a metallic plunging shift dress teamed with a clear clutch bag and matching PVC strappy heels.

An anarchist group protesting against mass tourism in Spain has threatened further attacks after targeting Barcelona and Mallorca.

British tourists on board a sightseeing bus in the Catalan capital feared they were being attacked by Islamist terrorists when masked members of Arran slashed its tyres and daubed it with slogans.

The group published a video of the attack online with the caption “mass tourism kills the neighbourhoods, destroys the territory and condemns the working class to misery”, sparking a police investigation.

Fluxus participants included "artists, composers, designers, and architects, as well as economists, mathematicians, ballet dancers, chefs, and even a would-be theologian. [14] Equally significant, they represented nations on three continents – Asia, Europe, and North America. [14]

Fluxus started with the work, and then came together, applying the name Fluxus to work which already existed. It was as if it started in the middle of the situation, rather than at the beginning. [33] [34]

Maciunas was an avid art historian, and initially referred to fluxus as 'neo-dadaism' or 'renewed dadaism'. [40] He wrote a number of letters to Raoul Hausmann , an original dadaist , outlining his ideas. Hausmann discouraged the use of the term;

June 30th, 1905- Einstein proposes his theory of relativity. in his publication On the Electrodynamics of Moving Bodies. This opened the door to many other theories and gave more information to the scientific community. 1914- World War 1 Began. US declared war on Germany on April 6, 1917. Over 4.7 million US troops were engaged and over 53,000 American Casualties. August 18, 1920- 19th US Constitutional Amendment ratified. Granted women the equal right to vote. January 30, 1933- Adolf Hitler appointed Reich Chancellor by president Hindenburg. Hitler became in charge of the coalition governement made up of the NSDAP, which were the NAZIs and the German Nationalists (DNVP). At Hindenburg s death, Hitler Proclaimed himself leader of all of Germany. 1939- world war 2 begins- over 16 million US troops engaged and over 291,000 casualties. This includes the japanese attack on Pearl Harbor, Normandy invasion (D-Day), and the holocaust, the systematic annihilation of nearly 6 million Jews. June 17, 1950- First Organ transplant- First documented kidney transplant. First SUCCESSFUL kidney transplant performed in boston in 1954 between identical twins. There s some to get you started. good luck!

It’s been less than a year since the death of William Norman Grigg , the fastidious investigative writer documenting law enforcement corruption and abuse.

I don’t have a lot to say on top of what I wrote then, other than the more I listen to the unhinge rhetoric of Trump haters who think the Kremlin was wholly responsible for the election outcome, the more I see these disingenuously displayed “No one Trumps the Constitution” bumper stickers, the more I miss Grigg.

He was among a handful of Trump’s critics I respected and took seriously, because unlike the other cabal of political clowns who favored enormous presidential powers when it was in their man’s grasp, or failed stupendously to understand the underlying symptoms that ultimately brought MAGA to victory, Grigg was consistent and principled. His attacks on Trump could have been, and had been, aimed at others with the same views.

Archaeologists have unearthed ancient toys dating 2,000 years back in the Hellenistic period in the ancient seaport of Parion, located in Turkey’s northwestern province of Canakkale, according to a recent report by

Researchers have unearthed toys and other articles during excavations at the ancient site, Professor Hasan Kasaoğlu from Atatürk University, who is the excavation leader at Parion, told the Anadolu Agency.

He clarified that the toys were presented as “gifts for the dead” children and provide significant information about the sociocultural structure of the period.