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According to Conservation International, just 17 countries are considered megadiverse. Each possesses a vast number of different species – many found nowhere else. Here, to celebrate World Animal Day , we highlight the 17 wildlife-rich nations – and suggest a beast to base a holiday around. 

Australia is full of weird and wonderful animals (some 83 per cent of mammals, 89 per cent of reptiles, 24 per cent of fish and insects, and 93 per cent of amphibians that inhabit the continent are endemic), but few are as approachable –  or as cute  – as the quokka, which is roughly the size of a cat and has no fear of humans.

Quokkas can be seen in large numbers on Rottnest and on Bald Island near Albany, but on the mainland their numbers have been depleted by predators including foxes and cats. Note, however, that it is illegal to handle them on Rottnest Island – and there are heavy fines. 

The AWS Helderberg  NPO 002-963  caters for a wide area of communities Somerset West, Strand, Gordon’s Bay, Sir Lowry’s Pass, Macassar, Eerste River and Grabouw. We receive no monetary help from the government so must raise all our own funds for the upkeep of the kennels, feed and care for stray and unwanted animals as well as paying veterinary costs for the animals in their care. The kennel facility in Gordon’s Bay operates at a maximum capacity of 130 dogs and 50 cats.

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Animal lovers needed to help the RSPCA in 'frontline welfare' jobs. There are 24 vacancies for RSPCA animal collection officers

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