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Love match compatibility between Aries woman and Cancer man. Read about the Aries female love relationship with Cancer male.

Cancer sign/Libra rising isn't the most comfortable combination. As sometimes, circumstances will seem to be counteractive. There will be friction between the sociable Libra side and the home loving Cancer side.

When you mix Cancer's indirect manner with Libra's delicacy you get a person who is good at reassuring others.

If you're the type that likes the truth in a bitter flavor, you'll not get that served here.

Let's say you meet your Cancerian/Libra's best friend and you wonder if they like you because you sensed a chill coming from the best friend.

You ask Cancer/Libra:

"Do you really think He/She liked me?"

Cancer sign/Libra will just say,

"Of course She or He does".

Or they'll say:

"Oh, He or She is always like that when they meet someone for the first time".

You wanted a straight answer didn't you? Not possible, try again.

This person will really want a relationship, more than a usual Cancer because of Libra rising.

If you're in a relationship with a Cancer sign/Libra, you shouldn't be too much of a fighter, don't be pushy.

Normally, Libra's disposition is to give in to get along, however, you have a Cancer sign/Libra on your hands. They'll appreciate a peaceful home with you, but don't tell them what to do.

Are you a Libra-Scorpio type? If you have your astrological birth chart from me and can see a grand total of six factors or more  in both signs , you have an unusually high count in Libra (marriage, divorce) and Scorpio (sex, money) and you are just entering the most important cycle for 12 years. (Libra-Scorpio sign image Pinterest ).

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Wow Jessica, I do so love these blogs.You are a wealth of information melding real astrology with factual history so it’s almost tangible. I do so hope you are right with the relationship forecast. Having been a single mother for the past 13 years & dealing with my own fair share of bad luck it would be a wonderful change of pace & peace. (I have 6 in Scorpio & 2 in Libra)
Keep up the fantastic work, I’m such a fan. Jaqui

Love match compatibility between Cancer woman and Libra man. Read about the Cancer female love relationship with Libra male.

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Love match compatibility between Aries woman and Cancer man. Read about the Aries female love relationship with Cancer male.

I m a cancer and my LDR GF is a Scorpio. :) Here s kind of a fun/informative article for you to read about it. :) Below is a copy of my answer to other s LDR questions. It s my advice on making the best of the situation. Use whatever you like. :) I am currently in one, we are like 1200 miles apart. Through research and talking to my GF we ve figured things out and what we want to do, we ve planned a future (You need to have plans). To continue, here s a little summary of my advice. -Love (Need it) -Trust (Need it. Jealousy and over-suspicion will cause problems. You HAVE HAVE HAVE to completely trust your mate) -Communication (Need it, this is KEY to making it work) -Plan for the future. (You need to have plans for both meeting up every so often and also for being together) Not sure of your age, but I text with my girl daily at a scheduled time so we make time for each other. Then we call every day or couple days spontaneously. She will call me sometimes, sometimes I call her. I recommend something similar.Sending pictures is a great thing too. Not necessarily dirty or anything, just a nice pic of you. It will let your partner know you re thinking of them and who doesn t want to see their loved one? Sending little gifts/personals is a GREAT way to feel closer and show your love. Also, and this will sound silly, but we got bored one night and looked up our astrological signs compatibility and it was not only astoundingly perfect, but also fun to talk about. Little things like that are huge. Also little talks about cuddling, being with eachother, future, etc. always is a great conversation. :) Best of luck and God bless! -Bob