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The name Australia (pronounced [əˈstɹæɪljə, -liə] in Australian English) is derived from the Latin Terra Australis ("southern land"), a name used for a.

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On Australia's largest aggregate salt pans in Queensland's Gulf of Carpentaria, the Gangalidda-Garawa share the stories of the stars.

PAUL SIGNAC (1863-1935) Paimpol, la Violette à quai
signed 'P. Signac' (lower right), and titled and dated 'Violette de Dunkerque / à Paimpol 7 Oct 25' (lower left)
watercolor and charcoal on paper
11 1/2 x 17 3/4 in (28 x 45 cm)
Painted on 7 October 1925

His pencil drawing of a Port Lincoln ringneck parrot is typical. Paper was limited and the scientists aboard Flinders' Investigator were stingy with its use, so the drawing is done on a small piece, not much bigger than a postcard. The bird is shown looking lively on a twig, though it had been delivered to Bauer dead, two days earlier: "a new parroquet shot by Mr Bell" on February 12, 1802, as the boat lay at anchor off the coast of South Australia. A penumbra of numbers surrounds the bird in Bauer's detailed sketch, each one indicating the colour that would bring the parrot to life.

The process of turning this sketch into a finished watercolour was a slow one. Bauer's paintings were completed up to a decade after the sketches were made and it took him a painstaking week to translate the lines and numbers on the sketch into the imperceptible tonal changes of nature embodied in feathers or fur, petals or leaves. In the finished painting of the ringneck parrot, the bird is almost hyperreal – with a glint in its eye, a slightly cocked head, shadows across the top of its back, and detailed claws gripping a eucalypt twig.

Bauer was the "Leonardo of natural history painting", according to the art historian Bernard Smith, and he painted an unparalleled collection of Australian plants and animals on his journey with Flinders. But unless you happen to grow the sturdy Grevillea baueri , one of the plants named for Bauer, you might not have heard his name. That's all set to change with the launch of a new book by David Mabberley and a dedicated website, developed by the DX Lab at the State Library of NSW, both called Painting by Numbers.

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The Library is delighted to announce the complete digitisation of its renowned "pattern" set of 681 folio-sized plates for  'The Birds of Australia' by John Gould. 

What do you do when one of the world’s largest wet-plate glass negatives, weighing over 30 kilos, smashes into hundreds of pieces?

Decoration and Glass , a magazine for home builders, architects and decorators has been digitised in colour as part of the Library’s Digital Excellence Program. 

A new study suggests that standard ways of measuring well-being and sustainability in communities used by global organizations may be missing critical information and could lead to missteps in management actions. The paper, published today in the journal Nature Ecology & Evolution by a team of 40 scientists, policy-makers and on-the-ground practitioners, suggests alternative and complementary approaches that use indicators grounded in the values of a particular community.

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From Darling Harbour to Bondi and from Newtown to The Rocks, find things to do in Sydney, including restaurants, tours, nightlife, attractions and shopping.