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All pupils feel celebrated, regardless of their strengths or challenges. The pastoral system creates a sense of belonging and continuity with opportunities for all to play a role. There will be a greater knowledge of boys as individuals.

By developing our staff to become outstanding professionals, Warwick School provides inspirational teaching, creating a learning environment where every pupil is challenged intellectually and thrives academically.

Warwick School offers a rich, diverse and inclusive educational experience, which provides opportunities for every pupil to enjoy participation in a balanced programme of co-curricular activities embracing the arts, outdoor education, sport, careers and leadership.

Walking in the door of the Back 40 Junction is like stepping back in time.
The main dining room holds a priceless Tiffany chandelier. Fascinating
artifacts decorate the walls and ceilings, including whaler's lamps,
authentic Burma Shave highway signs and oil lamps once owned by
Carol Lombard.

You'll see the area's largest collection of sculptures by John Rogers,
dating from the mid-1800s. Antique Barnum and Bailey Circus posters
adorn the walls of our Nickel Plate Pub, which also houses copper brewing
equipment from Fort Wayne's Centlivre Brewery.

Warwick School. Warwick School is a leading independent day and boarding school for boys aged 7-18, dating back to 914, making it the oldest boys' school in the country.

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