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The holiday calendars people create to raise money tend to fall into two categories- sexy or cute. The cute ones make a great gift for your grandma and sell pretty well overall, but if you want people to talk about your calendar you've gotta go with a sexy vibe for your calendar. So when the Try Guys decided to make the ultimate holiday calendar they chose to cover all bases, going for cute when appropriate and sexy when it was not, and the end result is pure man magic. (NSFW language) ( YouTube Link )

Alberta’s Dinosaur Provincial Park is an other-worldly place, full of fantastically shaped hoodoo rocks set amidst an intricate network of narrow winding gullies.

Watch in 360 as a herd of female caribou walk hundreds of kilometres north to have their calves in one of the most remote parts of northern Quebec.

Cape St. Mary’s is one of the only places in the world you don’t have to take a boat to see these seabirds. Every year, it’s home to one of the largest gannet breeding colonies in North America.

I won't give you garbage, but I'll give you the truth.the Pussycat Dolls are glorified strippers. Never said they weren't good, though.

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The Wild Canadian Year - Series continues Sundays at 8 pm on CBC