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Dec 8, 2017 Backstage News On Who's Coming to NXT, Sheamus' Health, Jericho's WWE Status, Clash Of Champions Plans and Royal Rumble Winner Plans

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Mitchell Pearce has canned three meetings with Roosters coach Trent Robinson designed to work out the star player's future at the club. The last one was on Thursday.

Robinson has had two other conversations with Pearce to try to give him an indication of where the club is going. Pearce is now expected to talk to his coach face-to-face in the next 48 hours.

With Cooper Cronk set to sign a two-year deal with the club, Pearce will have to make a serious decision. He will be told that he is needed and wanted, but he will also know that the club comes first and they see Cronk as the solution.

Looks like you got trapped into the old automatic renewal trap. Ask your credit card company to charge it back as being not authorized...Watch out though: you may have to prove it somehow. And then - if you signed-up , it s a contract and you must pay the penalty.. If that s the case..apologize for your oversight (being humble can pay) and get ATT to resume service...(there may be a reconnection fee? ATT sure builds itself a lot of good-will, eh??

Is Brooklyn Decker a mom of two? Fans are suspecting that the 30-year-old actress may have given birth to her second child after she posted a teasing Instagram photo on Wednesday, December 20. “We have an overachiever,” the Sports Illustrated model captioned a snapshot of herself wearing a loose-fitting white T-shirt. Decker’s followers took to […]

Her happily ever after! Khloé Kardashian is on cloud nine since (finally!) confirming on Wednesday, December 20, that she is pregnant and expecting her first child with Tristan Thompson. “I still can’t believe it,” the Keeping Up With the Kardashians star, 33, tweeted to her more than 25 million followers late Wednesday. She also posted […]

Royally perfect! Prince Harry and Meghan Markle released their official engagement photos on Thursday, December 21 — and they are stunning. “Prince Harry and Ms. Meghan Markle have chosen to release official photographs to mark their engagement,” Kensington Palace announced in a statement. The two photos were taken by fashion photographer Alexi Lubomirski earlier this […]

Set your time machine to before the 2004 elections. It is (not) working exactly how they wanted it to work, and exactly how many of us warned.

India has cancelled plans to build nearly 14 gigawatts of coal-fired power stations – about the same as the total amount in the UK – with the price for solar electricity “free falling” to levels once considered impossible.

Analyst Tim Buckley said the shift away from the dirtiest fossil fuel and towards solar in India would have “profound” implications on global energy markets.

According to his article on the Institute for Energy Economics and Financial Analysis’s website , 13.7GW of planned coal power projects have been cancelled so far this month – in a stark indication of the pace of change.

SpaceX's billionaire founder Elon Musk was beaten to the punch on Friday by US Defence contractor Lockheed Martin, which revealed new details of its 'Mars Base Camp' concept at the International Astronautical Congress in Adelaide, including how it aligns with NASA's lunar Deep Space Gateway and a Mars surface lander.

Mars Base Camp  is Lockheed Martin's vision of how to send humans to Mars in about a decade. It competes with Musk's vision, on which he is planned to give an update via a presentation in Adelaide on Friday afternoon.

Musk was also due to conduct a press conference following his presentation but, in a curious move, it was seemingly cancelled 50 minutes into Lockheed's one-hour long presentation early in the day. Organisers for the congress announced to media via email that Musk's post-presentation press conference "will most probably not take place".

Almost 200 people sign an open letter in protest to Dr Lee's comments that, i n academic staff appointments, 'female candidates have a higher chance of being appointed than men'

The University of York has announced it will no longer be celebrating International Men’s Day (IMD) on Thursday after staff, students, and alumni protested comments made by a member of staff.

Originally speaking out on the need for the institution to celebrate the day, Dr Adrian Lee - of the university's equality and diversity committee - provoked fury after reflecting on issues that, he believed, had ‘an adverse impact on equality for men’.

Brit couple who took 'sex act' wedding snap in Greece could be SUED after church cancels all foreign weddings at monastery. WARNING ADULT CONTENT: Matthew.

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The Queen's consort was due to visit the popular attraction next Wednesday, in his role as an honorary fellow of the Zoological Society of London , to present the Prince Philip Award for Contributions to Zoology.

The Duke spent two nights at a private London hospital after being admitted on Tuesday evening, as a precautionary measure, for treatment for an undisclosed infection.

H e was discharged on Thursday morning, but has not joined the Queen at Royal Ascot, an important event in her private summer calendar.