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From Penny’s new flames through to Stuart, the comic book store owner, we’ve grown to love pretty much every character that’s walked onto the set of The Big Bang Theory. However, have you ever wondered what the people behind the characters are actually like in real life?

Are any of them really that smart? Are any of them truly that socially awkward? What do they look like outside of the world of The Big Bang Theory? And does Jim Parsons wear a flash t-shirt in real life? It’s weird to see our favorite characters as real human beings, but that’s what they are.

Sometimes, the actors and actresses are closer to their characters then they’d like to admit. And then you have the people who are nothing like the characters they play! So, who in The Big Bang Theory really could be a physicist and who is just playing smart?

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Original funniest cat interwebs on the online. Made from the finest internets and where cats go to get famous.

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