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Maybe it's because it felt as though you were taking a nap in a festival loo but sleep pods - whether in offices or airports - never really took off.

Maybe it's because it felt as though you were taking a nap in a festival loo but sleep pods - whether in offices or airports - never really took off.

Similarly, the Snuggie. Even though Rihanna gave it a try on U.S. chat show Ellen Degeneres, it never felt a particularly chic option.

Sewell's creation was inspired by the womb, is portable and designed to be set up anywhere one might fancy a little nap. 

Are you a coder or white-hat hacker looking to make some money on the side? Bug bounty hunting might be the perfect gig for you.

Bug bounty hunting is being paid to find vulnerabilities in software, websites, and web applications. The security teams at major companies don’t have enough time or manpower to squash all the bugs they have, so they reach out to private contractors for help. Basically, you use your tools to break things (or break into things), write up a vulnerability report to the company who’s issued the bounty, then get paid. Some hackers make tens of thousands of dollars a year on the side just hunting bugs.

To do it, however, you’ll need to at least know some basic coding and computer skills. Fortunately, we’ve got tons of great resources to help get you started , and coding is pretty easy to teach yourself. That said, if you have no idea what any of this stuff means as you read on, bug bounty hunting probably isn’t for you.

As my long-term readers know, I get a  lot of letters from readers for my weekly Q&A “Ask Dr. NerdLove” both here and over at Kotaku. But, occasionally, I’ll get a letter from a reader that requires a deeper and more thorough dive than the usual request for advice. Sometimes the answer is more nuanced than normal or requires cutting through a Gordian knot of related issues. These are the Post-Mortems, where we dissect a letter and dig through the remains in order to get to the heart of the issue.

Post-mortems are rarely pretty. Many times, we’re having to liberally apply the Chair Leg of Truth to a lifetime of beliefs. But, while the love may be tough, at the end we’re going to know exactly what went wrong and how we can do better next time. So scrub up and snap on the gloves; it’s time to get all up in them guts.

So, I’m going to break in here right at the start: this is a good thing to recognize in yourself. Realizing that you’re holding on to negative, self-limiting beliefs  is an important step in overcoming them. The problem, however, is that sometimes you don’t realize that you’re focusing on the  wrong ones. But hey, that’s why I’m here.

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Of course you do, every guy does. Any guy who says differently is a liar. Fucking women is our primary purpose in life. It's what nature has put you on this planet to do. Every single man on this planet wants to be a boss in the bedroom.

Unfortunately they don't teach this stuff in school. Instead we spend twenty years learning physics and calculus and chemistry but when it comes to the important things in life like learning how to fuck, we're left without a clue.

For many of you guys you probably feel like you have nowhere to turn to get this stuff handled. Does this sound familiar?

Curved finger nails can occasionally be a sign of iron deficiency anaemia, so it would be worth having your iron levels checked - especially if you have heavy periods, and are not a great meat eater.

Nails can also be softened by exposure to water and chemicals (especially detergents), so always wear gloves when you are doing housework, or the washing up.

Nails can change shape slightly with increasing age, and it may be that you are going to end up with nails like your mothers. There are far worse things to have wrong than slightly odd shaped nails, but if they are really bothering you, you could always trim them short, and wear false ones.