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The Huge Guy, Tiny Girl trope as used in popular culture. Some writers like pairing up characters of opposite sex and opposite ends of the size spectrum.

An identical twin born with primordial dwarfism has told how her much taller sister looks out for her - especially when it comes to dating boys.

Sienna 'Sinny' Bernal, 15, from Houston, Texas, told ABC's 20/20 that she has had three boyfriends  so far. But lacking the qualities she was looking for, she 'broke up with all three of them.'

She added that her 5ft 4in sibling, Sierra, who towers over her 4ft frame, 'can be bossy but she shows me how to flirt with boys, stands up for me if I'm teased and reaches things when they're too high.'

typically, a young man would be too insecure to date a taller girl. and that s a pity. You can try (cause he IS interested). if he s made peace with the fact that he s short, you stand a chance.

It depends if the guy has a giant dick or not. If he s got a giant one, it s ok.

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Everybody says height isn't important but I think it is the single most important factor in initial attraction (note that I said initial attraction, so this is a stage when personality isn't involved yet) when girl looks at a guy. at least for the most part.. because I'm short and I think that's why I never get noticed. am I wrong?

Of course girls will be attracted to guys that are taller than them, but the shorter girls will still find you attractive and basically any girl below 5' 8" which includes most of us. I'm like 5'6.5" and the guy I fell for pretty recently is your height.

I got straight black hair. I'm korean. what do you consider is "great hair" btw. I'm average build of about 160lbs but I'm trying to work out and put on some more muscle. you can't see my eyes when I smile(that's what my korean friends tell me all the time) I have a rather thick neck. eyes.. typical mongoloid eyes with epicanthal fold. and I have no idea by what you mean by good hands.. lol

Girls, if a guy is 1 inch taller than you, is he tall enough? Assuming he has other good qualities.. asked under Dating


well. i wouldn't have put it that way but i understand the premise behind it. the thing is we are attaching colors.
I wouldn't date a girl after I've seen her date some white backwoods trailer-living, rodent-eating corndog-sniffing guy called Earl either.
Its about the guy, not the color. I guys if a girl can drop her standards that low. well you have to drop as well to be with her.
There are decent black guys. and decent white guys, but you know the saying."once you go black."

You actually don't know shit about biology, son. Biracial children are no less healthy than children of one racial background.
Actually, we are attracted to people who's immune system and genetic code is different from ours MORE. this doesn't necessarily mean that we are more attracted to people of other races (which is obviously not true) but its more likely that someone of a different ethnicity will have a different immune system. Diversity in the genetic code is extremely advantageous.

@Curious123oo LOL! Girl asked for guys opinion, guy gives it, then is proclaimed to have a small penis for having stated his opinion. Yeah, because that helps move the discussion ahead and promotes the truth to come out.

I wouldn't because if I am dating someone that has kids and I go out in public, it will not be readily noticeable they are not mine if they are at least the same race. There is no way to promote this idea if they are biracial. It is a dead giveaway, it has nothing to do with my penis size.