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The Hollyoaks beauty has posed in a provocative photoshoot for Nuts magazine, taking off her delicate sequin costumes to flaunt her petite figure in a black bra and knickers set instead.

It is quite the image change from her debut Dancing On Ice performance earlier this month, in which she swirled around elegantly on the rink in a princess pink dress with partner Matt Evers.

Swapping the ballerina costume for bedroom attire, Jorgie teamed her underwear two-piece with sheer stockings and a nude coloured cardigan that draped over her arms to hang at the waist.  

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Your not dating african americans because of stereotypes and that is wrong. So you don t want your children being stereotyped. Well it starts with you!How about people stop having these type of bias and then they wont have to worry about what their children go through if they end up black. This kinda stuff is just ridiculous, you know how society views us and you personally would not want you or your children to be look at like this but you think it s okay to do it yourself. Well I can t help that im black and im not diseased or commit crimes and neither are ANY of the black people I know except for one. And I still get this negative stereotype thrown at me as if its okay. I seriously hate people like you.

I say you found what you like! Go for them! Me- I have an absolute thing for half-japanese guys. Oh my gosh- I find them hot. And the smarter/richer the guy is- it makes me hotter.