Topics: What are the best dating tips for a 42 year old devoreced women?

I find life funny, so if you are all serious and can't laugh at yourself, I will drive you nuts. I like someone with drive and self motivation, but too much desire for.

I would like to find a young man to spend sweet moments with. A good friend to talk and to share things of our lives. If there is chemistry between him and me, we can go to the.

I am looking for someone who wants to enjoy life as much as me - someone who appreciates the moment and isn't afraid to try something new..

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My first suspicion is whether or not he s married???? Older men will usually take good care of a younger woman, but expect some angry looks from older women who have been dumped by husbands that have gone younger. Also, marriage with such an age difference has it s problems. He may be healthy now, but as he ages, are you willing to give up a good many of your prime years taking care of an elderly man? I married 16 years older and about 20 years into the marriage, I realized that at some point he d become an OLD man.