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Currently the Instagram app is only available in iPhones, not Blackberries or Androids. However, in August 2011 the CEO of Instagram gave an interview for Time magazine in which he stated that "Android is a major priority for us." He did not mention anything about the Blackberry and there is very little indication that Blackberries will be getting the app in the near future. If you have a Mac, there is a client called Instadesk that allows Instagram to be run on the desktop. It does everything except permit taking pictures and automatically downloading them- that has to be done on the iPhone. The site explaining in detail about Instadesk is listed below. As for the release date of the newest iPhone, the iPhone 5, the most recent information is late October, but Apple has not confirmed the exact date. Some people have claimed to have information from Best Buy and claim October 21st will be the day, but this is currently just a rumor.

I d prefer iPhone, it s more powerful than blackberry storm.

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well, i use a blackberry so my answer may be a little bias, sorry, but here goes: if you are thinking of buying the STORM 1, then forget it, the 1st storm was garbage, if you are looking at the storm 2 model then you need to do some thinking, so heres what i know off hand, my sister owns a iphone so - when it comes down to it, the blackberry has always been a more serious phone, with the ability to edit all sorts of documents and has the best user friendly typing of any phone ever. sending e-mails on a blackberry is very good, pretty much anything business related a blackberry withh excell at. the iphone however was made to dominate the young population market, which it has, with games and millions of little applications, if you are looking for a fun little phone then ya, dont even look at the blackberry. games wise, the blackberry sucks, actually, just application wise in general, it fails compared to the iphone, it does have points in its favour though, my blackberry has all sorts of messeging like msn, yahoo, etc. it even has a blackberry messenger, a feature that lets blackberry s message each other for FREE, even send data like songs etc.(provided u have a data plan) my phone also comes ith GPS, something the iphone deasnt have, my blackberry also has tons of social networking things like fbook etc. and microsoft word, excell and powerpoint so i can edit stuff. now heres where the ipod owns the bberry, in fun, you cant beat itunes, and the blackberry doesnt have that, where the iphone has itunes adding all ur fav. songs, movies etc is mad easy on an iphone but sucks on a blackberry, as far as i know, the blackberry is the only one that can work in any country because of the onboard hardware to make it a worldwide friendly, i think the iphone 3g can only work in north america, i could be wrong about that though so dont quote me on it. but ya thats about it, the only last thing i can say about the blackberry is that it comes with the best anti-virus software of any phone in the world, i heard that on CNN, every time i turn my phone it it runs self checks and stuff, one time it even caught a virus, crazzzzy stuf. hope this helped, i tried to be not bias to the blackberry :) good luck in finding a good phone for you

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Hit music radio station, playing Non-Stop Rhythm & Dance. Listen to the radio for free with the NonStopPlay app on your smartphone, tablet or TV. We''re a digital.

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