Topics: Whiplr, a Fifty Shades-inspired dating app, helps BDSM.

So I realize that this brilliant parody by The Onion debuted nearly two months ago and has over one million views, but it’s the first time that I am seeing it and it really did not get the media coverage that it rightfully deserves. You’ve seen the commercials for dating sites such as eHarmony where they show a success story of two strangers finding their soul mate and falling deeply in love. The parody is done with the typical sappy piano music as they recount the enchanting details of their fairy tale romance:

A lot of people on dating sites aren’t looking for their one true love, but rather their one true great fuck. You can really tell that these two beloved sweethearts have really found their one true fuckbuddy. Sorry. I’m literally tearing up over here. I just get emotional thinking about how I will hopefully find that one lucky lady that “I can plow so hard that she’d walk funny for two days straight.”


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Jal Panthaky is a Zoroastrian priest, with a love of life and a staunch dedication to his faith. He is both a proud father and a deeply spiritual man. But neither of these are static roles. Recently, his devotion to his religion and to his children collided; he felt moved to examine the tenets of his faith, and that has led him to be open to new relationships and embrace new horizons.

The collision occurred when his eldest daughter, Rahnuma, brought home a man she was dating who was not Zoroastrian. In Zoroastrianism, mixed marriages are frowned upon. Not only that, but the rules are different for men and women.

A Zoroastrian man who marries a non-Zoroastrian woman can at least ensure that his children are raised in the faith. But the same is not the case for a Zoroastrian woman who marries a non-Zoroastrian man. She is unable to practice, to enter the temple, or even to attend a family funeral.


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Marketers have locked in their plans for Super Bowl LI on Fox from Houston's NRG Stadium on Feb. 5. Many recent regulars are back, but Doritos is out for the first time in 10 years. Unexpected newcomers are taking slots, and others are planning surprising executions.


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Are you going to do a car valuation online? Watch out for scams. Here you will find tips on what to consider before you place an order, and what you can do if you got in to trouble.

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ECC Sweden is co-funded by the European Union.


The above photo was posted on Instagram with a caption about not having anything to wear - bordering on clever, given the use of black censorship bars in the photo. Also bordering on clever is Twitter jokes like this extremely funny one that made the rounds on Twitter shortly after Kim posted the original photo (one of the hallmarks of being culturally relevant is inspiring parodies and imitations in infinite numbers):

Kardashian was quick to point out that the photo wasn't a recent one, having been taken during her "blonde phase" several years ago (another sign of cultural influence is being able to take a 12-year-old photo, add black bars and have people lose their minds over it). But luckily for all of us in Kim Kardashian's world, she posted another nude phot that's a little more recent:

A photo like that doesn't really require a clever caption, so Kim gave it a simple "#Liberated" hashtag, which is hard to argue with. That didn't stop celebrities like Bette Midler and Chloë Grace Moretz from throwing a little bit of shade Kim's way, which she responded to in a fashion that demonstrates that she's letting her husband Kanye influence her on social media:


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