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These questions might primarily be for couples getting married or engaged. However, they are good to ask when dating. Just be careful they are used in a conversational way so that you don t seem like you are interviewing the person. * When a problem arises, how does my partner communicate? * I could use more or less talking from my partner and how specifically? * How does your partner settle an argument? * Do you feel understood when you have an argument with your partner? * Is this person the only one with whom you could be happy and what happens if he/she passes away? * Is your partner responsible for your happiness and, if he/she is, how will he/she do that? * What kind of temper/mood does your partner have and can you live with it? * Are there some habits that you partner has that you don’t like? * How exactly have you discussed your financial situation? * Does my partner have some debt that concerns me? * Are you comfortable talking about sexuality with your partner? * Do you feel like your partner gives you the affection you feel you need? * What are the responsibilities of each parent in raising a child? * How many children will we have? * How will we specifically exercise our spiritual beliefs, if at all? * Will we share our spiritual beliefs with our children or with others? * Who will do what around the house * What adjustments will each make to accommodate the other after marriage? * Do we enjoy the same activities and what are those that we enjoy the most? * Am I happy with the amount of leisure time we spend together? Or, check out the following book:

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