Topics: what is the point to region coding dvds and movies?

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Hey, that is a great question, thanks for coming to answers, I hope this information helps. Your computer may need general maintenance, this should help. Delete all unwanted files and free Disk Space. Make sure at least 15% of your disk space is open. The computer needs this space for defragmenting the hard drive, Run defragmenter. Check for viruses and other malware, clean them if found. Scan you computer with up to date anti virus program. The sites below will help you with information and are free.… Clean fan with compressed air, and make sure it has air flow. Click start>Run.. Type msconfig>enter>Start Up. Uncheck the boxes for the programs that you think you may not use often Increase the RAM of your system. If you have vista or windows 7 you could use ram boost. Back up your data and make sure you have a set of recovery/reinstall disks in case your hard drive goes out. In windows 7 you can make the disks in back up.  Down load and install this program it is free this is a good cleaner. DISK CLEAN UP Start- accressories-system tools-disk clean up CLEAN COOKIES AND HISTORY Start-control panel-internet options-delete cookes-history CHECK DISK Start-my computer C drive- right click-properties-tools-check disk-error checking-it will start when your reboot or start the pc next time Source(s): CompTIA A+ Certified Computer Professional

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This is a question my husband can answer.being a Scientist using radioactive materials on daily basis.though he says all its applications are for peaceful/industrial purposes! I believe Scientists are not Moralists. Through R&D they may be creating be used by Politicians whenever wherever it suits them! Hardly an answer but I just felt like butting in :))