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Everyone does things to make themselves feel better about their appearance, but guys, using a hat to hide your bald spot is a bad idea. You’re not fooling anyone.

“Hatfishing,” as Jason Chen at The Cut explains , is similar to “catfishing,” except it’s when a guy always wears a hat in all of his online dating photos to hide the fact that he’s balding. It could be a guy wearing a baseball cap and a suit, a guy wearing a beanie inside during a hot summer, or a guy who wears the same flat cap every day and claims to be “bringing caps back.” Then, when these men go out on dates, the shiny truth is revealed. Or worse, the ridiculous ruse is laughably continued in hopes their date will never ask them to remove their hat for the rest of their lives.

Now, it’s understandable why guys do this. Dating profile photos do matter —a lot. It’s the first thing people see. People will read your profile or whatever, but they’re mainly looking for someone they’re attracted to at first glance, which is understandable. So, balding guys feel they can increase their odds by hiding that unfortunate fact about themselves. If you can just land that first date you can win them over with your personality and other attractive qualities, right? I mean, it’s not really a lie so much as it’s hiding the truth, right? Right?!?

suuuuuuuuuure :D i think it s sexy (but i m into all that stuff so..). If you re not into BDSM at all, he might end up asking you to do stuff to him/asking if it s ok for him to do stuff to you, and you might not like it. So if you don t like BDSM, be careful lol

Now, it’s understandable why guys do this. Dating profile photos do matter—a lot. It’s the first thing people see. People will read your profile or.

The restroom facility at the Oakridge beach approach in Daytona Beach has been closed. In accordance with a 2014 agreement between Volusia County and the Protogroup, which is building a hotel/condominium project at the site, the restroom facility was closed to prepare for its demolition and make way for new construction. A replacement restroom facility will be built in the future. The location and timeline will be announced at a later date. In the meantime, beachgoers may use the restrooms at the Glenview Boulevard approach and Breakers Park.  

Truthfully, that s kind of scary. And I m not fond of tattoos. So no.

of course. especially a girl with a bdsm symbol tattooed on her wrist.. or other body parts

Kylie Jenner and Travis Scott seem quite determined to make their love known (without actually confirming their relationship publicly), and their latest romantic display comes in the form of matching rings.

The Keeping up with the Kardashians star, 19, and the 25-year-old rapper were spotted out in Los Angeles on Wednesday, both wearing sparkling bands on their ring fingers. They headed out to eat at Plancha Tacos where Scott sported an all black ensemble while Jenner opted for a white, long-sleeved shirt and black pants.

The jewelry news comes just weeks after the love birds got matching butterfly tattoos and showed off their new ink at  Khloé Kardashian ‘s 33rd birthday party.

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