Topics: Stop insulting Britain, top German politician tells the EU.

Former Australian Idol star Anthony Callea has slammed the Government's $121 million non-binding same-sex marriage survey, labelling it "insulting" on.

barrack To boo or hiss; to voice loudly one’s disapproval of a player, performer, or team at a public event. This British term is thought by some to be a back formation of the cockney word barrakin ‘senseless talk,’ although the OED claims an Australian origin. The word appeared in use in the late 19th century. The term to barrack for has the opposite meaning: ‘to cheer for, or support vocally.’

bite one’s thumb at To insult or show contempt for someone. The gesture, as defined by the 17th-century English lexicographer Randle Cotgrave, meant “to threaten or defy by putting the thumb nail into the mouth, and with a jerk [from the upper teeth] make it to knack [click or snap].” A famous use of the phrase is from Shakespeare:

catcall A harsh, whistling sound, something like the cry of a cat, used by theater and other audiences to express their disapproval, displeasure, or impatience; the whistlelike instrument used to make this sound. This term dates from the mid-1600s.

Former  Australian Idol  contestant Anthony Callea has slammed the upcoming same-sex marriage survey, labelling it "insulting" on national television.

While appearing on Channel 10's  The Project  to promote his seventh album, Callea was asked for his thoughts on the federal government spending millions of dollars of taxpayers' money to hold a non-binding postal ballot. The singer married his partner - actor Tim Campbell - in New Zealand three years ago.

Actor Matt Damon's father has died at age 74 after a long battle with multiple Myeloma, a rare blood disease that affects bone marrow.

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