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The New York City Housing Authority is continuously recruiting for qualified individuals to join us in fulfilling its mission of providing safe, affordable housing and facilitating access to social and community services for low-and moderate-income New Yorkers. From bricklayers to gardeners, lawyers to social workers, managers and skilled tradespersons of every description, NYCHA reflects a broad range of career opportunities.

Applying for job openings through NYC Careers allows convenient 24-hour access to job openings, the ability to upload your resume and cover letter, and receive an immediate acknowledgement of your application submission.

Through collective bargaining agreements, the City of New York and Municipal Unions have cooperated in choosing health plans and designing the benefits for the City's employees. Subject to the terms, conditions and limitations of applicable contracts and laws, NYCHA offers the following:

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EChinacities Jobs provides expats who want to work in China with updated employment opportunities. Full time and part-time jobs include teaching abroad, TEFL, ESL.

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In this article, we'll explore not only the Job Board aspect of LinkedIn, but also three other ways you can find position listings that are hidden in plain sight.

Jobs, one of LinkedIn's top menu items, provides you multiple ways to access the multitude of ads that employers and recruiters pay LinkedIn to feature, as well as others that the site aggregates from throughout the internet.

Making things real simple, the site leads you through a process whereby you can create your own profile of what job you are seeking based on location, industry, and more. Of course, you can change your profile at will, but however it is set will determine what ads LinkedIn will feed you.

The Common Reporting Standard (CRS), which is the basis for the automatic annual exchange of information on offshore financial accounts to the tax authorities of the residence country of account holders. At present, over 100 jurisdictions have publicly committed to implement the CRS, with half of them having started the exchange of CRS information in September and a further 53 set to follow in 2018. is different than a lot of job search websites out there today. Instead of relaying only on jobs they post, goes out to major job search websites, classifieds, and other third party job posting sites to give you access to all of them at once. Indeed also allows you to narrow your search using simple point and click commands once you have a list of jobs. 1 Go to the website. 2 Type in a job title, a company, or keywords that describe the type of job for which you are looking to find. If you are using multiple words or phrase, separate each with a comma. Also, type in the city, state or zip code. Indeed defaults to looking for jobs within 25 miles of that location. Click on "Find Jobs". 3 If you need to get more specific with your search, click the option for advanced search. Here you can include and exclude words or phrases from your search, looking for jobs within a particular company, and narrow your job hunt by salary range. In this area you can also narrow or widen the radius of your search. Click on "Find Jobs". 4 Once your list of jobs appears, you can sort them by relevance or date. 5 If you have visited before, you can choose to view all jobs (default) or only view the new jobs since your last visit. Narrowing Search Results on 1 On the left side of the results screen, you will see options for further narrowing your results. In parentheses you will see how many of the jobs your search yielded match that criteria. 2 Use the small black arrows to the left of each refinement to open or close that section to see or hide the options. Once you pick a refinement, you can further narrow your search by choosing an option from another section. 3 If you wish to remove a refinement, simply click the "undo" link. Read more: How to Use to Find a Job |