Topics: My wife's profile is on ""... social network or dating site?

How to Succeed at Online Dating. According to a recent survey done by, most people are starting to get comfortable with online dating. However, some.

so what? wot are you doing here?

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DAMNED good question. I ve asked THEM the very same question!

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Myspace was the hippest, hottest social media site before Facebook, Twitter and Instagram hit the market. Everyone had a MySpace page, but the site was created for those Gen Y users who loved music and wanted a page that could express who they were. Myspace nearly fell off the map, but with a few changes and a new direction, the music side of Myspace and sparked life in the once social media king.

Contact information for Myspace is extremely difficult to find. The site is a free social media hub, so there is no reason to staff a customer service center so customers can complain about account access or banned accounts. In place of a customer service team, Myspace offers a HELP and FAQs section with answers to commonly asked questions. These answers, along with tons of tutorials online, are the backbone of Myspace customer service.

Finding a phone number for Myspace is like finding a needle in a haystack, but we managed to find a phone and fax hidden in the Terms and Conditions.

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There are many people who are loners and have friends, but you mihht have alot of friends and be darkness. What is a element? Element is kind of a secret power that you mighnt have.

There are a lot of twins on Youtube. But I really like this set of twins. They are opposites which make their channel very unique, and it/s what makes it fun!