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Couple of things to check and a couple of questions for you. First, this will sound odd, have you unplugged and the reconnected POWER to the router anytime recently? If not do so, many issues are caused by a router that has confused itself! Just reboot it to be sure that isn t the issue! Some routers need that about once a week to keep working properly. Routers are computers with operating systems they do sometimes need a reboot. I know you said it works but lets clear out the system for good measure. Even though your wired connection works and the wireless does not those are two DIFFERENT adapters and the router SEES two different connections on them. Check the DATE and time "Calander" on your computer (really it does matter) causes some really odd issues. What local IP do you have? Run a command line (start-->run---> type cmd hit enter) then on the black screen type ipconfig /all look for the LOCAL address and gateway under your adapter settings should look like IPv4 address 192.168.x.x Gateway 192.168.x.x DNS x.x.x.x etc If you see a 169.x.x.x you did not connect properly to the router. (Be sure you check the wireless adapter portion and that it shows connected DHCP enabled not manual settings.) Is this your router, a school router, a public hot spot and are you connected to the correct SSID for YOUR connection and not some identical one nearby? Some of the school s and public wifi systems require "authorization" that may not have been done for the wireless card, that will cause some issues as well. Last - tell us what Operating System you have! What router etc. it is easier to help when we know what you are using. There are many things that can cause a specific adapter to not behave correctly, sometimes just updating the driver will fix odd issues. Without knowing what OS you have we can t tell you how to do that update. Also if running windows, be sure you have done all the UPDATES from Microsoft.

I would ask a teacher what they would do in this situation, but I've never run into this problem before. Thats so weird! Hope you figure it all out. Good Luck