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You have gotten some good ideas here. Perhaps stage a scrabble game in the works. The "game" could have the words like: Love, commitment, wedding, marriage, forever, honeymoon, bride, groom, rings, tuxedo, unity, future, honor, respect, get the picture. Set the game up and glue the pieces to the board and perhaps have letters set up in the tile holder for the next play. Place this on the gift table or hang it on the wall. After wards, turn it into a shadow box to hang on your wall at home as a keepsake. On the head table, glue the tiles for the words "Bride" and "Groom" on tile holders and use as your whimsical place cards. As others stated, something done with tiles on the cake is a must!! I am a huge scrabble fan and know my way around the scrabble board!!

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