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A bride scam is a form of romance scam - a confidence trick that aims to defraud potential grooms with the offer of a foreign bride. The basis of the confidence trick is to seek men from the western world who would like to marry a foreign woman and pretend to be willing to marry them. The woman asks the man to send money, for example, for the purposes of purchasing an airline ticket or a visa they have no intention of buying. The relationship ends after requested money has been wired and received, sometimes after multiple transfers have been made.

This phenomenon increased in number with the rise of the internet with its online dating sites and online chats. [ citation needed ]

Many men turn to mail-order bride services. [3] Before the internet, men traveled overseas to meet woman in the sex trade. [4] The sex trade is one of the few opportunities available to poor, uneducated women who make every effort for financial progression. [4] These women look for a profitable sexual transaction so they can gain a long-term relationship, marriage, migration, and escape poverty. [5] The men believe that love will last forever which leads to marriage, family, and happiness. [6]

3,000–4,000 titushky [58]
Pro-government/anti-EU demonstrations:
20,000–60,000 (Kiev)
40,000 (Kharkiv) [59]
15,000 (Donetsk) [60]
10,000 (Simferopol) [61]

EuroMaidan [had] grown into something far bigger than just an angry response to the fallen-through EU deal. It's now about ousting Yanukovych and his corrupt government; guiding Ukraine away from its 200-year-long, deeply intertwined and painful relationship with Russia; and standing up for basic human rights to protest, speak and think freely and to act peacefully without the threat of punishment. [94]

President Yanukovych attended the 28–29 November 2013 EU summit in Vilnius (where originally it was planned that the Association Agreement would be signed on 29 November 2013), [104] but the Association Agreement was not signed. [124] [125] Both Yanukovych and high level EU officials signalled that they wanted to sign the Association Agreement at a later date. [126] [127] [128]

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