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If I told you that you and Tom Hanks were fourth cousins twice removed, would you believe me and tell all of your friends? Someone with a cruel sense of humor might do that, Ashley. Here is a real answer, but not what you wanted to hear: The seven basic facts we genealogists use to identify people (by "identify" I mean tell which man named William Miller is which) are birth date and place, marriage date and place, death date and place, and spouse s name - which will be maiden name for women. Banks use birth date and place for security questions. They also use mother s or grandmother s maiden name. So, to prevent identity theft, we genealogists don t put details of living people on the Internet. Some of us crafty ones tell Facebook we were born April 1, too, and change our birth year every year so that we are forever 39, just like Jack Benny. So, if a site like you wanted existed - where you enter your name and it shows you your family tree - it would be a disaster for normal people and a treasure trove for identity thieves. Since it would have to have birth and marriage dates, it would show who was having sex before marriage, too, which some people don t want to broadcast. (If someone is married in June and has a child that November, chances are they were having sex in February.) The biggest obstacle to the site of your dreams is the time it takes to do genealogical research. My standard estimate, for white people whose ancestors have been in the USA for a long time, is 100 - 300 hours to get back to 1850 on 75% of the lines. (only 1870 for black people, sadly.) I ve done that for my children, my first cousins, and a couple of people I like, but I do genealogy the way normal people do crossword puzzles. There aren t a lot of people like me out there.

yes i have heard of similar scams ---- the way they work is that they send the money to your account --- you withdraw it and send it via western union ---- the problem is the money has been stolen from another person ---- so you send it on and then get a visit from the police asking for the money back ---- i nearly had it happen to me but it was an employment scam not a romance scam ---- the problem is that he has sent her money ---- that is VERY unusual ----- i think i would err on the side of caution and do nothing ---- i would not trust any website they offer anyway ---- google the advisor and they should come up ---- its their business to be visible ---- anyway how difficult is it to set up a paypal account --- about 10 mins ---- best wishes

Yes. No way to restore. Next time be in control of your computer not the computer controlling you. All those automatic procedures are best left disabled.

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