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The more delegates, the greater the savings per delegate. Table reflects price per delegate and is used for illustration purposes only, actual prices may differ.

The more delegates, the greater the savings per delegate. Table reflects price per delegate and is used for illustration purposes only, actual prices may differ.

You ve undoubtedly heard about some of the major new features in Drupal 8. You ve heard that Views is in core, that there is a new WYSIWYG editor, and that the codebase has been redesigned with Symfony. At OSTraining we ve written posts about many of these headline features, including one we posted here at Acquia called, 10 New Features in Drupal 8 Core.

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IOM3 had an outdated website and a separate, bespoke CRM - ‘Concept’ by Advanced NFP.  The fact that the website wasn't integrated with their CRM was causing numerous difficulties and sub optimal working practices. In addition, they felt their website wasn’t realising its full potential in terms of recruitment and engagement of their user base.   

The main challenge was in the very complex technical requirements of the integration. IOM3  formed out of a number of mergers and with roots dating back to 1869, and therefore, like with many membership organisations, have intricate internal operational structures, systems and processes as well as a disparate and dispersed membership. The project as such was a complex digital transformation piece which touched many areas of the organisation and interfaced with numerous internal and external 3rd party systems.  

IOM3 knew Drupal was their platform of choice, as the scalability and flexibility it offers is perfect for such a complex, bespoke project.  They commissioned Pedalo , a London based web design agency known for their extensive experience with Drupal, to deliver the digital solution.

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We only have 3-5 beta blockers left that we share with the entity and config systems. Let's figure out how best to resolve these. We are also still busy with several configuration schema issues as we find them, some of which may be beta blocking changes.

What are you working on? Do you need help? Are you looking for new tasks? Come discuss with us! We have tasks for all kinds of interests on all kinds of difficulty levels! All help is welcome!

This IRC meeting is on the #drupal-i18n channel on IRC. See for more information. The time above is marked with UTC - check in your own timezone.

Drupal core major happenings and opportunities to contribute are announced in this group. Follow the RSS feed for these updates.

Posting to this group is restricted to people listed in MAINTAINERS.txt. If you have an announcement you'd like to post in this group, please file a webmasters issue with the suggested text and for quicker attention paste a link to that issue in #drupal-contribute.

Happy Earth Day ! Since the last Drupal Core Update, the Drupal Developer Days event brought lots of exciting progress: we (briefly) reduced the number of critical issues to 35 , and a week-long performance sprint made Drupal 8 2—20 times faster ! Also, Gwendolyn Anello at DrupalEasy announced that DrupalEasy is partnering with Stetson University to offer Drupal courses !

Launch, manage, and scale ambitious digital experiences—with the flexibility to build great websites or push beyond the browser. Proudly open source.

This month’s Drupal Spotlight is a Q&A snapshot from some amazing speakers and organisers behind the recent DrupalSouth  in Auckland, New Zealand. We look in and beyond the code at the voices and perspectives of people building in Drupal and influencing our community, including how they got into technology, and vision for the future.

Working closely with the engineering and design teams at Pinterest, Phase2 architected a Drupal 8 system to elevate their global brand and drive growth via a new suite of marketing, business, and community sites.

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I have read almost all multi site topics in this forum. I tried for hours to set up my multisite and finally did it. As i think many others can have the same problem i'll post here the way I did it. Hope someone can get the work done with this:

1) After installing drupal you create an admin account in the default site. I installed it in C:\www\drupal. This default site is configured to be accessed from http:\\localhost.

2) Then the important part begins. Create folders for your sites in C:\www\drupal\sites. I'll suppose you want two create two sites using the same database. Lest call them site1 and site 2, and you want to access them form http:\\site1 and http\\site2.