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Heritage Highlight: 13th century tower
Photos of Brough Castle
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Heritage Highlight: Roman stones from the nearby fort were re-used in the building of the castle
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The Cumbria and Palatine Counties Area is coterminious with the North East Government Office Region. I have named it after Cumbria and the Palatine Counties of.

We have compiled an alphabetical listing of the more ‘interesting’ destinations that you may wish to visit within the UK.

The more sinister sites are denoted with a reddish shade , whilst those involving the church have a hue of blue and those associated with folk & legend have a tint of green.

Readers should always check with local Tourist Information Centres (TIC’s) that events or festivals are actually taking place before setting out to attend.

I’m about to launch myself into the Jacobite Rebellion of 1745 but before that I thought I’d take the opportunity to get my head around the calendar switch that occurred in England in 1752.

Sadly Julius had been advised by a bloke who got his maths ever so slightly wrong to the tune of eleven minutes and 14 seconds per year.  This meant that by the 1500s the dates and the seasons were squiffy once more in that the vernal equinox when the sun shines directly on the equator (the point where day and night are more or less of equal length) was off by ten days which didn’t help if you were trying to work out when to plant your crops.

As a consequence Pope Gregory XIII issued an edict in 1582 declaring that hence forth we should all use a new calendar which made the necessary adjustments and matched the months to the seasons once more. He also decreed that in future a centenary year would not be a leap year unless it was divisible by four hundred. If only it had been that simple.  Sadly the first problem arises for us with the name of the calendar.  It can also be known as the Western Calendar or the Christian Calendar.

Eight houses had to be evacuated after the hole opened up while a drilling rig was being used to cap the former iron ore mine with concrete.

Inspector Phil Davidson, of Cumbria police, said the houses had been evacuated by Copeland council for health and safety reasons.

Ryan Rickerby saved the worker who was trapped in the 80ft-deep hole after the machinery he was in plunged into the ground.

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