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Websites pairing "sugar babies" with "sugar daddies" are increasingly popular among New Zealand users.

If Eve was asked where her new phone, camera or handbag came from, she'd cite a benevolent relative, or a casual cleaning job.  

Eve* is one of a growing number of New Zealand "sugar babies" – young, cash-strapped men and women who strike up relationships with wealthy people in exchange for money and gifts. 

Man was sure he would be executed outside his front gate, like Scott Guy was in 2010.

Wellington: Bill English and Paula Bennett have emerged victorious from caucus, having been voted New Zealand's new Prime Minister and Deputy on Monday morning.

More than a decade after he tried and failed to become the country's leader, Mr English from the ruling National Party becomes the country's 39th Prime Minister. The position became vacant after John Key's formal resignation last week.

New Zealand Prime Minister John Key announces his resignation at a press conference on Monday. Vision courtesy ABC News 24