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Facebook is an American for-profit corporation and an online social media and social networking service based in Menlo Park, California. The Facebook website was launched on February 4, 2004, by Mark Zuckerberg , along with fellow Harvard College students and roommates, Eduardo Saverin , Andrew McCollum , Dustin Moskovitz , and Chris Hughes.

Facebook has more than 2 billion monthly active users as of June 2017. Its popularity has led to prominent media coverage for the company, including significant scrutiny over privacy and the psychological effects it has on users. In recent years, the company has faced intense pressure over the amount of fake news , hate speech and violence prevalent on its services, all of which it is attempting to counteract.

Membership was initially restricted to students of Harvard College ; within the first month, more than half the undergraduates at Harvard were registered on the service. [15] Eduardo Saverin , Dustin Moskovitz, Andrew McCollum , and Chris Hughes joined Zuckerberg to help manage the growth of the website. [16] In March 2004, Facebook expanded to the universities of Columbia , Stanford , and Yale. [17] It later opened to all Ivy League colleges, Boston University , New York University , MIT , and gradually most universities in the United States and Canada. [18] [19]

2017 hasn t been the easiest year to live through, but we ve found joy and comfort in some of the hardware we ve tested over the last 12 months. Last year, we saw VR surge in prominence, but our picks this year are more conventional -- not to mention.

Those who attempted to go onto Facebook were shown a blank page, with nothing loading. Others reported that they could only load specific parts of the site or app.

Designed by Pierpaolo Lazzarini from Italian company Jet Capsule. The I.F.O. is fuelled by eight electric engines, which is able to push the flying object to an estimated top speed of about 120mph.

A humanoid robot gestures during a demo at a stall in the Indian Machine Tools Expo, IMTEX/Tooltech 2017 held in Bangalore

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Pregnant mummy blogger Constance Hall, 34, has revealed her baby boy is at risk after she discovered 'significant' bleeding this weekend.

A Queensland driver has filmed the shocking moment a car smashes into an oncoming truck after minutes of swerving across a busy highway.

The bizarre moment a man eats popcorn with chop sticks at the cinema has been captured on camera and posted to an Australian humour Facebook page.

Because Facebook provides a wide range of Services, we may ask you to review and accept supplemental terms that apply to your interaction with a specific app, product.

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