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MegaFresh wants to offer an online alternative to farmers markets but it's already facing opposition.

Many British farmers are experiencing ‘Regrexit’ over fears they may lose agricultural subsidies, the Earl of Sandwich has told Parliament. 

Speaking in a House of Lords debate, John Montagu said many farmers had voted “without understanding the consequences” and were now in dismay over news they may not receive the same level of payouts made under the EU's Common Agricultural Policy.

“In 2013, farmers received €2.6bn (about £2.2bn) under pillar 1 [an EU funding term]  and €637m (£538m) for agri-environment and rural development under 'green' pillar 2," he said.

A controversial animal rights advertising campaign that claims drinking milk is inhumane has been given the thumbs up by the Advertising Standards Agency (ASA).

The move has been met with outrage by farmers who claim the advert wrongly suggests that dairy farmers have scant regard for animal welfare.

The campaign, which features a picture of a cow behind barbed wire with the headline “Humane milk is a myth - don’t buy it”, was launched in February by Go Vegan World, an organisation set up in memory of a dead hen.

Every weekend around Australia from Canberra to Collingwood and beyond, locals and visitors buy fresh produce at farmers' markets.

MegaFresh founder and managing director Alex Stefan wants to tap into this demand with the roll-out of the world's first online farmers' marketplace where shoppers will be able to purchase farm fresh produce from their phone.  

Stefan is in the midst of a "soft launch" of Megafresh signing up farmers to the site in Victoria, soon to be followed by NSW and Queensland.

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MegaFresh wants to offer an online alternative to farmers markets but it''s already facing opposition.