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The Union of European Football Associations ( UEFA , / juː ˈ eɪ f ə / ; French : Union des Associations Européennes de Football ; [2] German : Vereinigung Europäischer Fußballverbände ) is the administrative body for association football in Europe , although several member states are primarily or entirely located in Asia. It is one of six continental confederations of world football's governing body FIFA. UEFA consists of 55 national association members.

UEFA represents the national football associations of Europe, runs nation and club competitions including the UEFA European Championship , UEFA Champions League , UEFA Europa League , and UEFA Super Cup , and controls the prize money, regulations, and media rights to those competitions.

Henri Delaunay was the first general secretary and Ebbe Schwartz the first president. The current president is Aleksander Čeferin , a former Football Association of Slovenia president, who was elected as UEFA's seventh president at the 12th Extraordinary UEFA Congress in Athens in September 2016, and automatically became a vice-president of the world body FIFA. [3]

To the Greeks, it was important to root the Olympic Games in mythology. [13] During the time of the ancient games their origins were attributed to the gods, and competing legends persisted as to who actually was responsible for the genesis of the games. [14] These origin traditions have become nearly impossible to untangle, yet a chronology and patterns have arisen that help people understand the story behind the games. [15]

One other myth, this one occurring after the aforementioned myth, is attributed to Pindar. He claims the festival at Olympia involved Heracles , the son of Zeus. The story goes that after completing his labors , Heracles established an athletic festival to honor his father.

Since these myths were documented by historians like Pausanias, who lived during the reign of Marcus Aurelius in the AD 160, it is likely that these stories are more fable than fact. It was often supposed that the origins of many aspects of the Olympics date to funeral games of the Mycenean period and later. [21] Alternatively, the games were thought to derive from some kind of vegetation magic or from initiation ceremonies. The most recent theory traces the origins of the games to large game hunting and related animal ceremonialism. [22]

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