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All games, all the time. Except for the bits about movies.

no - borderline illegal

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The good news I guess is that the experimental bomb works. The bad news is that it means they’re almost certainly gonna make us use it.

In real life, my experience with fishing began and pretty much ended when I was a kid young enough to be scared by a fish. Which is a perfectly healthy thing to be scared of. When you impale fish on a hook and drag them out of the water, where they frantically thrash and flop their slimy wet bodies and prickly fins, eyes and mouths agape, it’s a horror show. As a kid, I wasn’t sure whether the fish was dying or attacking, but whichever the case, I wanted no part of it. Fish belong in water. “Fish out of water” is an idiom for a reason.

Apple has updated their App Store rules to require the publication of loot box odds in games. Apparently taking a page from China’s regulations for gaming, the App Store guidelines now includes the following:

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