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I thought of my mother and my father in their brand-new believer zeal, how all of those years earlier I had witnessed this same moment in their lives. Perhaps I was always headed towards this same emancipation. I am a bit older than they were on that day in Winnipeg when they poured out the booze. Then I put our fancy wine glasses away and I liked how open and clean everything looked now. I put the kettle on for a cup of tea.

This made me tear up. I don’t struggle with drinking but I do with sugar and processed foods. It is my weight I’m being called to lay down but I’m scared to do it, even though I need to.

So with you sister. The Holy Spirit has been pressing down His thumb in this area in a very dramatic way the last few weeks. This morning, I started a new journey to health and no longer self-medicating with food.

When I went vegan I was in a relationship with a guy that was vegetarian, so the switch was pretty easy. When we broke up I never realized how hard dating.