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The continuing adventures of Aaron Gekoski as he joins the Wildlife Rescue Unit Watch episode 6 of Borneo Wildlife Warriors! With Warrior the rescued pangolin not looking good, the boys rush her into hospital… Then, ‘Bertie’ must face his toughest challenge to date. A large lizard has been reported trapped in a house not far away. Bertie must lead the operation to prove he can hold his own as a wildlife ranger. Catch up on the first five episodes  by clicking here.

With as few as 30 left, people are being asked to sign a letter to Mexican president Enrique Peña Nieto, pleading with him to take urgent action

One of the world’s rarest animals could be extinct within months unless the president of Mexico takes action, conservation group WWF has warned.

There are believed to be fewer than 30 vaquitas – a type of porpoise compared to the panda because of the black circles around its eyes – left alive with the last ones found in Mexico's Gulf of California.