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Justine Jan 03 2017 8:34 pm I really love your acting skill. It suits you a lot! I'm a fan of you Oppa Ji Jin Hee. For me, you are one of the best actors in Korea. ? ?️

Ladies, be sure to check out the latest issue of ' Cosmopolitan '! Handsome actor Ha Suk Jin has taken part in a revealing pictorial for the October issue, wearing nothing but a top and briefs! In the above photo, he's not even wearing that!

Ha Suk Jin is modeling the men's underwear brand ' Croota '. He looks really comfortable in the photoshoot like any typical (but really good looking) guy who's chilling at home in his underwear.

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SHINee's Jonghyun has been found dead. According to Yonhap News, around 6 pm on December 18, Jonghyun's older sister found Jonghyun unconsci…

Taeyang and Min Hyo Rin are getting married.Media had reported that the pair were preparing to get married in February, and Min Hyo Rin's la…

While introducing the major events in South Korea's history that followed the Korean War, this article also provides a selection of dramas and movies set in this era.

tVN is a popular Korean Cable channel that has skyrocketed into a leader of cable television over the past few years. Here are 10 TvN dramas that you need to watch!

Also known as the Ridiculous Marriage, which indeed it is. This campy 2007 rom-com movie has everything from the wealthy male lead fated with the sweet, modest female lead. And some really crazy family members!

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When news was first released about tvN taking on a new program in the “variety drama” hybrid format, I wasn’t quite sure what it meant by that term. Now casting confirmations are in, and I’m still not clear about After the Show Ends and what makes it variety, though my interest has ticked up a notch to hear that Ha Suk-jin ( D-Day, Legendary Witches ) and Yoon So-hee ( Memory, Marriage Not Dating ) have signed on.

The project is described as a “variety program with a unique format” in combining elements of both drama and reality. That said, it doesn’t sound like a variety program to me at all, inasmuch as it appears to be mostly scripted, and is even called a straight-up romance drama by some reports. It features a twentysomething woman who seems like an ordinary office worker during the day, but has a secret other life at night as a charismatic fighter. There’s also mention of a drama within the show titled Iron Lady , though not what it’s about.

Directing is Heo Cha, an assistant director on Snowpiercer , with writer Jo Sung-geol (of thriller movies The Target and Hide and Seek ) set to write scripts. Furthermore, PD Sohn Chang-woo of Infinity Challenge and We Got Married is onboard in his first project for tvN after making the move from MBC.

Actor Ha Suk-jin ( 1% of Anything ) has been offered a role in MBC’s upcoming spring drama Radiant Office. If he confirms, he’ll play the main male lead, a talented marketing director scouted from overseas. Go Ah-sung ( Heard It Through the Grapevine ), who is also reviewing the script, has been offered the role of the main female lead, a struggling rookie temp. Together, they’ll learn about living life to the fullest and discover love as they work together at a furniture company.

Ha Suk-jin’s character is a blunt straight-shooter, whose sharp comments have given him the nickname venom-tongue among his colleagues. It’s a familiar character type for Ha Suk-jin, who often plays the smart, prickly boss—but he always manages to find the humor in the part to keep it interesting.

Although his character looks like he came into the world with a silver spoon firmly tucked in his mouth, he’s actually just a regular guy with humble beginnings who rose to his position through sheer hard work and talent. After work, he becomes a sweatpants-wearing lazy bum who rolls around on his couch, drinking canned beer while relieving his stress by complaining about his frustrating co-workers.

Mrs.Laksana Nov 19 2017 6:41 am You are my fave Korean actor now!! Such a great act, good looking and charismatic face, gorgeous body, and smart brainiac! XOXO from Indonesia :)

Yasi Oct 15 2017 12:15 am Good lord this man can kiss. The best so far in the history of Kdrama. Makes me melt every time.

tncdel Aug 10 2017 9:49 pm This guy reminds me of a U.S. TV show actor named Paul Petersen from about 40 years ago. See Petersen's pic here, and I think you will see the similar resemblance if you search for Petersen's pics from that time era.

Aw so now, pre production has really become a trend I think bcos of DotS’ huge success in Chinese market!!!???? Way to see if pre production really works better to improve drama quality across the board. But I’m not really interested in 1% that’s typical of chaebol thing with miraculous romance in arranged (fated) marriage. So cliche.

Does that mean everyone who plan to watch 1% would be lunatic? Because I heard that’s how you call people who do not agree with your opinion. Not that it matters, right, Urk citizen extraordinaire? 🙂

I’m more looking forward to Drinking Solo over 1% of Anything because of the female lead. I quite like Park Ha Sun and I think she and Ha Suk Jin would look good paired together in a drama.

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ImInLoveWithJungHoseok Mar 18 2017 2:49 am Aigoo. Uri Gong Hyo Jin, when will be your next drama? I missed your loveteam with So Ji Sub aigoooooo I miss The Master's Sun.

A woman struggles to find a job, but she keeps failing. She decides to jump into the Han River to die. The woman is rescued and is sent to the hospital emergency room. There, she hears that she might have a fatal disease and she might not have much time left to live. She barely manages to land a job as a contract worker.

Haibara Sep 09 2017 9:43 am I'm a little bit disappointed. You know there's only one kiss scene, iWoo Jin should give a passionate kiss to Ho Won

Mary Jane Aug 15 2017 4:56 pm I just finished watching it. The film is amazing, worth to watch.. I love the characters and I am thinking of wacthing it again and again. However.. I think it needs to have a continuation cause i think there a cliffhanger there.. Like how does Mr. Seo become the Chief Executive, Is He the brother of Dr. Seo? Things like that.