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Why don t you buy a Sportster? Have your own piece of biking, instead of being an ornament on the back of some guy s bike. Don t look at me, by the way. I ve been married for 33 years, I live in Taiwan, and I ride a 125 cc Kymco (Honda clone) scooter. It s great riding here! I can 1. Park on the sidewalk right in front of where I m going, even in heavy traffic. 2. Cut in front of cars by passing on the right, and being the first one at the light. 3. Be one of 30 or so bikes pulling out when the light changes--like being a bee in a swarm. 4. Carry a passenger and week s groceries. 5. Ride through the market, and people just get out of my way. I wouldn t thank you for a Harley.

Just don t pay them any mind! Grow up a little and just tell them like you just said it here! If they go out of the way to set it up - DON T SHOW UP! Plain & simple - eventually they will all bud out! YOU will know when the right one comes your way - and it will just happen - trust me!

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that s some people s preference and even some people s passion. how would you like it if someone told you they didn t like you or that they were tired of you because of what you liked. i guess you ve never been passionate about anything in your whole life. maybe your clothes and shoes, though. you are so shallow. you are too quick to judge. bikers are laid back and easy to get along with and most these days are really men in business suits from 9-5. let people be who they want to be and leave them alone. all the bikers i ve ever met sound a lot more interesting than you.

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I LOVE to ride.looking for friends..possibly more if the chemistry is right! -- 3 3

I love to camp, boat, wakeboard, I love country music, country dance and I love to ride on the back of a Harley! Its beautiful outside right now! Lets get outside and ride!