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So I was doing some stalking on twitter (no life) and I see that Jackie was in Canada for a month at some random lake , Venruki was at that same lake during the same time period. them at blizcon

Yes, Venruki & Jackie. Other friends mentioned it. Not a secret, that s how Ven was so comfortable at Jackie/Jenna s house.

It s been confirmed that they are dating. Funny because Venruki said he would never date long distance again after splitting with Hirona. The whole him dating Jackie thing is so weird to me. They don t seem like a good fit but that s just my opinion. It will end up the same way it did with Hirona, because long distance doesn t work. He lives in Canada and she lives in L.A. Makes me think if the only reason they are together is because they are both vegans according to the people that were talking in Byron s stream..

Stacy Hirano , often nicknamed "Stace" by Candace, is the best friend of Candace Flynn and good friends with Jeremy and Jenny. She is usually heard talking to Candace on her cell phone. She is also the older sister of Ginger Hirano.

She became The Disco Miniature Golfing Queen while playing miniature golf with Phineas and Ferb while trying to bust them for Candace when Candace was sick (" Put That Putter Away ").

During the Summer Rocks Festival Candace introduced Stacy to Coltrane. During the festival they started showing mutual feelings for each other. Their current relationship status is unknown. (" The Baljeatles ") It is revealed in that in the future Stacy becomes the President of Uruguay. (" Phineas and Ferb's Quantum Boogaloo ")

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Stacy Hirano, often nicknamed. she helps Vanessa keep her dating Monty a secret from Francis Monogram. Gallery.. Wikia is a free-to-use site that makes money.