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Stationary Engine Parts Ltd is the largest UK stock holder of spare parts for vintage stationary engines and associated components. Supplying Lister, Petter, Wolseley.

A very well made pepper pot type exhaust silencer for use on almost any small stationary engine.

Nicely finished in a gloss high temperature black powder coating it will resist corrosion well.

Supplied complete with four rings, three compression rings for 3 diameter bore by 1/8 wide P/N D14 and one oil scraper ring also 1/8 wide P/N D212.

These TVO pistons also fit Wolseley WD1 and WD2 engines without the requirment of any modification. They will also fit Wolseley WD8 engines if the small end bush is reduced from 11/16 to 5/8 diameter.

Brake restorations, unique parts, flexible hoses made to order, upgrades to historic cars including boosters. Specialised, personal service.

I had him refurbish the TR calipers & hubs on my TR3A, they are disassembled, soda washed, rebuilt with new pistons and rubber seals. All metal parts are zinc plated & calipers painted with standard caliper paint. For a price (at the time) of $350 + postage he will rebuild member's TR calipers Sample

No financial interest of course, but this guy was really excellent. Came to my house, worked on my car for nearly two hours, fixed the persistent overdrive problem(s) and charged me $90!. I reckon members in the Hornsby/ Hills area would find him very useful (and handy)

In my Album there is a picture of a very small shaper. This machine was given to me by my friend Howard who lives in Wagga Wagga NSW. Howard is a collector of automatic lathes.

Anyway Howard was the mans workshop assistant repairing the old belt drive dental drills. We are still not sure of the mans surname but he lived in Hornsby a suburb of Sydney NSW. After the mans death his wife sold his patents to a US company who immediately crated all the workshop tool and machinery and had them dropped in the ocean in very deep water never to be seen again.But prior to the inventor passing away he gave the shaper to Howard as a gift of friendship. Now Howard give it to me and I am trying to find out its history and who made it.

Anyway if you try to find out who made the first air turbine dental drill you will be told the US did but it is not the case. I will get Howard to come on so he can tell the story.

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The postwar AEC Regent was originally designed in conjunction with London Transport, the prototype chassis running in service in 1937. The 'RT' body did not appear until 1939, with 150 entering service before the War halted production. A total of nearly 7,000 RT family buses (just over 2,000 were Leyland engined versions) were built, the last being built in 1954.

Air brakes and air operation for the pre-select gearbox could then be regarded as futuristic - compare this with the Leyland TD1 of 1927 (WH 1553). It is fitted with an AEC 9.6 litre engine which develops 115 bhp at 1800 rpm.

This example of a nationally important classic, OLD 714 (London Transport fleet no. RT 4494) was delivered in July 1954, in 'Green Line' coach livery to Grays (Essex) garage, for route 723 from Tilbury to London (Aldgate.) Despite the 'coach' status, the only visible difference at this time between this and standard 'country buses' was a lack of advertisements, and a light green 'waistrail' band. Country area and 'Green Line' RTs did however have a different rear axle gear ratio than central (red) buses, to allow a higher top speed.

Grantham (pronounced / ˈ ɡ r æ n θ əm / ) is a market town in the South Kesteven district of Lincolnshire , England. It straddles the London to Edinburgh East Coast Main Line railway and the River Witham and is bounded to the west by the A1 main north–south trunk road. Grantham lies about 23 miles (37 km) south of the county town of Lincoln , and about 22 miles (35 km) east of Nottingham. The population in 2014 was estimated as 43,117. [1]

Grantham is notable for being the birthplace of the former UK Prime Minister Margaret Thatcher , for having educated Isaac Newton at its King's School , for having the first female police officer in the United Kingdom ( Edith Smith in 1914), and for producing the first running diesel engine in 1892 and the UK's first tractor in 1896.

Grantham lies close to an ancient Roman road. It was the scene in 1643 of Oliver Cromwell 's first win over Royalists during the English Civil War , at Gonerby Moor. [2]

The Strathspey Railway (SR) in Badenoch and Strathspey , Highland , Scotland , operates a 10 miles (16 km) preserved railway from Aviemore to Broomhill via Boat of Garten , part of the former Inverness and Perth Junction Railway (later part of Highland Railway ) which linked Aviemore with Forres. It is one of only a handful of primary/secondary main lines to be preserved in Britain today.

The former enginemens' hostel called ' Spey Lodge' also stands at this location. This building has now reverted to its original use of housing locomotive crews and other railway volunteers. This building was erected by the LMS during the Second World War to allow railway crews a safe and cheap option for accommodation after they had finished working on their trains for the day. It was saved by the Strathspey Railway Company during the 1970s.

After Spey Lodge, the railway crosses Dalfaber level crossing, an Automatic Open Crossing, Locally Monitored (AOCL). This level crossing was not originally part of the railway but was installed after the development of the Dalfaber Estate in the 1980s.

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Stationary Engine Parts Ltd is the largest UK stock holder of spare parts for vintage stationary engines and associated components. Supplying Lister, Petter, Wolseley.


*** I am running out of room, and need some space, so am downsizing my collection. ***

Aselection of Wolseley and Ruston parts for stationary engines.