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I can think of three that all Americans should know about. In 2003, terrorists struck a busy train station in Spain killing many. It rattled Spain sufficiently to almost immediately withdraw from the coalition in Iraq. An evey worse event occurred in London in July 2005 (All Brits know that particular date by reference the way we do 9/11/01) when simultaneous attacks were made against London s already congested mass transit systems that carry many, many passengers. Various sites in the great City were struck and the death toll was very high and infuriating to the UK. Fortunately, being British, they weren t intimated by the cowardly act, and held fast with the US in Iraq until just recently. Who could realistically expect them to endure the quagmire we ve put ourselves in again? Just recently, that "Manchurian Candidate" known as Col. Hasan was able to accomplish the considerable feat of shooting 43+ soldiers, of which 13 died, on the world s largest Army base, literally covered with soldiers and weaponry. Although officially played from the angle that it was simple another person gone berserk, I suspect the event was indeed a terrorist attack. Whether indeed it was or wasn t, is a moot point; merely shouting "Allah akbar" several times rendered it an attack against Americans defined by the parameters of fundamentalist Islam, thus a terrorist act. The Joint Chiefs of Staff know that the American public is still frazzled by the Great Recession, who s recovery is sputtering, and that were it labeled a terrorist attack, our cattle like obliviousness to crisis would create great social discontent.