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It's nice to see Jaclyn Smith's marriage of almost 20 years to Brad Allen is going so well. The 71-year-old beauty and the 62-year-old doctor took a.

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It isn’t every day an attractive, outspoken girl decides to take to YouTube to share her political and religious beliefs in videos that come across more as rants. Maybe that’s how Jaclyn Glenn wound up with so many followers. It’s entertaining to watch—and to watch people argue over.

The YouTube star has gathered more than 325,000 subscribers since she first posted a video about being a vegetarian. Her “Shit Republicans Say” video was the first one to really put her on the YouTubers map.

She’s an atheist who gravitates toward in-your-face and polarizing issues, which means she’s gathered plenty of haters along the way, too. In true Jaclyn form, what does she do? Shake them off!

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