Topics: Are japanese girls willing to date black men?

Is dating a Japanese woman as a foreigner in Japan easy or difficult? Learn how you can get a Japanese woman, what difficulties you might have to face and more.

Who cares about race? As long as your a good person it shouldn t matter.

Why is it harder for black men to get Asian women than for white. How does dating black men. Chinese and Japanese women. Interracial dating is.

First of all, i m a black man, married to a Japanese woman, and I don t think all Asian women hate black men. I m sure there are some asian women who hate black men but then again, there are some black women who hate black men. So what? Anyhow, the times are changing. Nowadays, you actually see a lot more Asian women dating black men than before. But my personal experience has been the following: Chinese women in particular, seem to stick mainly to their own Asian men or a White man. Thai women are a mystery to me. On the surface, they seem to date other Asians and sometimes White men but I have met some very nice Thai girls who didn t really seem to care about color. Japanese, Vietnamese, and Filipinos, I have seen them with just about anyone (white, black, yellow, etc). I have seen quite a few Korean and Black couples but apart from that, I think they like to date other Koreans. Then there are malaysian and indonesian which I don t know a whole lot about. I ve had female friends that were from those countries and they were all very nice. All of what I say is not definitive by any means but it has been my observation. The other thing you must take into consideration is that the Asian women who are interested in black men are usually too shy or afraid to let a black man know they are interested in them. I know this from personal experience. And you said you tried talking to an Asian woman..i m assuming in a public place? Did you know her at all or had you been introduced? I can tell you 9 times out of 10, if you approach an Asian woman in a public place, they are not going to appreciate it so much. Asian women are just not the type to be picked up in a public place. On the flip side, your best bet is to get introduced to an asian woman through a friend or through your work if there are any attractive ones there. When you meet them this way, be nice and polite. Don t try to show off or be cocky or anything like that. Just chill and take things slowly. After a while, ask her out to coffee or a movie. Eventually, it will progress into something. That has been the best way for me to meet an asian girl and I have dated asian girls who told me upfront that they didn t prefer black guys. Don t let that discourage you. And yes, I lived in Japan and there are a lot of Japanese women who love black men. It worked out for me because I find Japanese women to be the most attractive of all Asian women. And they treat you very well. Anyways, I could go on about this topic but I ll stop here. My man, Asian women overall don t hate us. Yes, some of them prefer white but there are more than enough Asian women who don t care about your color that you need not worry about the others. But don t settle for an ugly asian chick. I ve seen some guys who date asian chicks and the only thing going for the girl is the fact that she s asian. Find you a girl who has personality AND actually looks good, if you re going to date an Asian girl. Good luck!

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