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Im not sure how close these dates were to one another, but I think you re choosing the wrong guys and is willing to give anyone a chance (in a non offensive way) Get out there!!! I mean like find guys that have the same interests as you!! on the same intellectual level, outgoing (maybe guys who are into sports or outdoors?) If you re 28 and you still kind find a guy in the city you re in I say ITS TIME FOR A VACATION!!! I mean you know. something NEW in your life- a new job? going away for a while? developping a new hobby? you ve seen Eat Pray Love right? If not, the lady in the movie travels a for a year to Italy, Bali and India. after failed relationships, divorce and what not..she spends a year just enjoying life and get to know herself better.what she really wants in a guy.. and wha da know someone finds her.. ( i know it sounds like super corny advice.. but I mean. idk you re in a tricky situation. it seems like you re racing against a clock to find someone.. maybe let someone find it you? Dont give up! Terribly sorry if this wasn t the advice you were looking for...

why date a white man plsss- he will only eff u up get a good black man :)

You have described perfectly in your own culture. There is no such thing as a white culture.we are all mixtures of different cultures, religions, nationalities. politics and histories some shared with others but often quite a special combination. So what would you celebrate.being of Irish or jewish decent, having been born in a certain town, region or country maybe belonging to a particular group or having a special interest or passion. We often have more in common with people who have different skin then with other white I more like a Black British born christian accountant or a Russian Orthodox farmer or an Italian shopkeeper? Which white culture?