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Cass beer will hold a fansign with Kim Woo Bin and Lee Jong Suk on August 2nd 2013 (17.00 - 18.00 KST).

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“If she was acting a bright, warm person, understanding gf ”- wait, you don’t even really KNOW her, how can you say what kind of girlfriend she is? No one is saying that LJK is cold hearted bf but thanks to fans like you, he’ll be that kind of guy who can’t protect his girlfriend from rabid fans. Geez, just like him as an actor but stay off his private life and the girls who will be involve with him.

@Mikgoo 100% agree with you. Stupid, rabid and delusional fans like Chocola think they know everything about THEIR private lives, when they have know idea what went between them. We all know, however, how delusional LJK fans are, bashing and blaming JHB. As if JHB isn’t human with feelings, as if depression isn’t a clinical illness. As if LJK image matters here in their break up the most. Thanks to LJK STUPID DELULU fans, he will be a incapable jerk in my eyes, a man who couldn’t protect his gf from the hate she got from his fans.

What was the consistent thing about those dates? Those dates fell on Wednesdays and Thursdays, the days of LJK’s dram airs. Did she try to intentionally draw people’s attention away from his drama? Once might be pure coincidence, but not twice or thrice. And being a savvy SNS user, she must know that all of her SNS activities were put under microscope. Would any who wants to stay private put such provoking posts on SNS?

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Yunita Veronica Dec 09 2017 9:52 am I'm sure you'll get well soon soon. So try to be as hard as possible so you can recover and get back to work.

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Cass beer will hold a fansign with Kim Woo Bin and Lee Jong Suk on August 2nd 2013 (17.00 - 18.00 KST).

I thought his enlistment date was given as August 10. (But a final decision has not yet been reached between YG and the military board?)

By “little kid,” I meant the child with glasses in the third picture. I don’t know who he is supposed to be, but he keeps showing up in wrap up pictures on line, along with praise for his acting.

both have paperwhite skin and both have had a nose job, only Suzy’s look more natural and less plastic than LJS’s so yes, they could practically be siblings

This show is so sweetly satisfying, and it’s going to be the death of me. I’m back for another installment, sleep be damned, because how can you walk away from a guardian angel with a face like that? Our Boy Wonder finally finds the girl he’s been searching for all this time, but it remains to be seen whether or not that girl still exists in our heroine.

Ratings jumped to first place with the second episode, coming in at 12.7%. It’s a pretty impressive bump up from the premiere, especially since it beat out the finale of When A Man Loves (12.1%); Mandate of Heaven came in at 9.3%.

After a brief reminder of the last episode (including the important fact that our hero can hear other people’s thoughts), we open on Su-ha’s classmate GO SUNG-BIN ( Kim Ga-eun ), the mean girl who has a little crush on him.