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Its This is a kids dating site i just found it is brand new so enjoy?. "Kids" shouldn't be dating anyways..

"Kids" shouldn t be dating anyways.. Are we trying to get 10 year olds pregnant now? I thought hearing about 13 year olds giving birth was bad enough.

I know that on the ask people to fill out their "do you have kids" and "do you want kids" questions.. THEN you can sort by women that are you age that don t have kids and don t want kids.. (there might not be many, but you might find some)

Yes, you are so right Katrina, I think that you do not get to the end of a relationship with a sociopath, without going through these promises for change a few times over.

Yet, without understanding the way that a sociopath works, and the way that their mind works, we fail to see that they are saying whatever they think needs to be said, to get what they want,

And that is what it is about, ‘to get what they want’. I think that when they make these promises for change, they are putting on a new mask.

We asked you on Facebook the other night what type of recipes you wanted to see more of- and many of you wanted Toddler Friendly Dinners!  So, today I’ve got one for you! Baby Burgers!  Plus, if you haven’t been over to our meal plan page , we update it every Saturday with new menu ideas!

Now, I know this post will seem long and overwhelming, but I’m hoping it will help clarify the steps for you!  So, here we go!

Making hamburger buns is easy! I don’t mind buying buns, I can usually find them without too many ingredients and they aren’t too expensive.  BUT, if I don’t want to travel to the store, or I want the mini kind, or I just want to make bread and hang out in the kitchen with my kids, I make these! (I’m trying to convert our Sunday baking from cookies to breads, and I’m loving it!!)

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The one question that is often asked when you find out that the person you are in love with is a sociopath, is: "Can a sociopath change?" The short answer.