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WTF? Of course there are white guys who look past race/color. And of course there are white guys that don t. And women with a shred of self-respect will dump those guys and flush them out to the sewer, and concentrate only on the guys who look past color. Why would you even waste a second of life wondering about racist assholes??

its a possibility they wont call back.. .its also a possibility theyre waiting for the right depends on the grl. my suggestion is.forget abt them.tht way if she deosnt call , u wont be too upset and if they do then lucky you ,.. one wrd of is a big thing..and in this wrld it is rarely ever dont get ur hopes up. .i understand the need for romance and all tht its a normal teen thing.i feel it too.but ive been thru love and its too painful to be wrth it ! u shud wait till later..till ure older.! if u cant then please be careful..or u might get hurt..and well.thts a scary thought ! ure a nice guy u dont deserve it !