Topics: Tracking the Birth Pangs - November 2017 Headlines

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Joe Bogdan, Lawrence Kass, Robert Klinger, Felicia Traub and Jingjing Ye will join the firm’s offices around the world, focusing on various aspects of IP law

De Novo
Off Off Broadway, Next Door at NYTW Reviewed by Rachel Lepore BOTTOM LINE: Heart-wrenching and important, De Novo shines a light on the pain of children seeking asylum in the United States. Edgar Chocoy-Guzman is an ex-gang member despite only being a young teenager. He has fled Guatemala after leaving his gang to avoid the hit they put out on his life, but the U.S. has not been kind to him either. After several run-ins with the law, Edgar has found himself in immigration detention, seeking asylum and desperate to turn his life around.

It’s Christmas time at the studio! Steve and the boys exchange gifts before they leave for the holiday break! Steve shares his experience working on a Christmas tree farm! Virginia McCaskey is on air! Who got fired wearing a Santa suit? Tune in!

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ist Auslands-Reporterin des SPIEGEL. Nach ihrer journalistischen Ausbildung in München arbeitete sie als Autorin des "Süddeutsche Zeitung Magazins". 1991 wechselte sie zum SPIEGEL und berichtet seitdem aus Kriegs- und Krisenregionen wie dem Balkan, Zentralasien und dem Mittleren Osten, darunter Afghanistan, Pakistan und Iran.

A man with a lute plays Beethoven's "Ode to Freedom," before moving on to play a piece from an Iraqi composer. Men are sitting next to women as they listen to the music. What's so special about that?

The man tensely holding the lute is Khalil AlMuwail. He barely slept the night before. His day job is as an information technology specialist at a large hospital in the capital city Riyadh, but his true passion is playing the oud, the Arab lute. The deeply religious claim that people who play the oud also have other vices, and if the religious police catch someone playing the instrument, they destroy it. That's how it has been here for decades.

Joint research center based at TAU Department of Computer Sciences In a bid to make online information safer and more secure, NASDAQ-traded Check Point has joined forces with Tel Aviv University. A joint research center to be based at the Department of Computer Sciences at TAU is expected to lead to next-generation information technology research and applications. It will be headed by a researcher from IBM and MIT. Read the full story in Globes Online here.

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