Topics: Short Question About Dating Sites?

Our new #1 pick is Fling. Girls are SMOKING HOT tons of single moms & college girls. They have a video chatrooms with lots of friendly women looking for fun. If you live in a small city this site works as well because it's very popular.

An oldie but goodie, great features for finding women in your area. This is why it is our #2 pick. This site has a HUGE member base this is why it's so popular and widly used.

Could not believe how many average to hot women over 21 looking for casual hookups. Seriously, this is just as good as Fling.

chronic masturbation is always a great conversation starter

it is normal, however they are not using this as a dating site in the usual way one uses those sites. they are looking for a sexual partner, not a friend. perhaps just for her, most likely for both of them. if its something you might be interested in, then continue to explore the possibilities with them. and of course if not, time to block them.