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With Peter Sheridan, author and playwright; Janet Hawkins, owner of Blessington Bookstore; Rick O'Shea, broadcaster on RTE Gold and runs The Rick O'Shea Book Club on Facebook; Alison Lyons, Director of Dublin's Unesco City of Literature; Maria Dickenson Managing Director, Dubray Books; and Eoin McDevitt of the podcast Second Captains.

A Uk/Irish based website, so lots of links, BUT you will not find all you need online to prove ancestry simply as there are not records online to do so and that includes familysearch, ancestry and find my past or any other website..... Bear in mind that civil registration didn t begin until 1837 prior to that it is only PRs so after 1837 you have 2 potential records to seacrh for and cross reference, then the 1841 census although still limited as in it doesn t give relationship (so you can t assume Charles is her father from the 1841, check the 1851 for relationships) or in the 1841 county of birth ( unless born in the country the census was taken in so just a yes in county or no, not born in county) so by then 3 potential records to cross reference to prove ancestry ( 2 primary and 1 secondary) Add: just looking on freebmd there are 10 potential Mary Ann Bennett s born in Gloucestershire alone, any one of them could be your, or none of them Add: In family search COLLECTIONS ( NOT RECORDS) it also has Name: Mary Ann Bennett Gender: Female Christening Date: 21 Nov 1841 Christening Place: St. Philip and St. Jacob, Bristol, Gloucester, England Father s Name: William Bennett Mother s Name: Jane and more COLLECTIONS. Name: Mary Ann Bennett Gender: Female Christening Date: 2 Sep 1841 Christening Place: Stroud, Gloucester, England Father s Name: Richard Bennett Mother s Name: Harriett Add: It is also worth noting that in the 1841 census ages were rounded up/down to the nearest five years, so the age you see is often not their real age, and many didn t know when they were born they guessed or the enumerator guessed Add: Alister it is always difficult when you are not used to another countries record system, my advice to you is to go to the last person you have PROVED information about ( your x3 real records) before you jump to Mary Ann..then recheck/research again from them. Once you can PROVE a county in the UK, then check out GENUKI ( on the links page I gave you) that will give you lots of information, geography, history, records available and where they are and that may help you not only look at other availble records but also dates they are available. The other advice would be to register with rootschat ( links page) which is a good, very active UK forum , free and with lots of knowledgable people who are often local to the area as i live there or have/are researching there, but bear in mind that you need to be factual, what records you have to prove ( not what you think) to get the best possible help..on there is also local websites to each county eg Gloucestershire Resources suggest you post in Beginners unless you are 100% sure it is Gloucestershire either way you will get help and don t be worried about asking for cites as many people have their own personal scanned PRs and will often send you an image of the record you are looking for

There are 4 Arthur Smiths who died in England in 2006 in the England & Wales, Death Index: 1916-2005. None Blackpool, Lancashire. Can you order a death certificate for him? I live in the US and don t know the English rules. When did Jean die? There is a Jean Smith who died in Blackpool in 1999. Were their children named Kevin and Angela?

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A substantial amount of money has been stolen from St George's Parish Church in Qormi, the parish priest Fr Mario Mangion has claimed. Speaking to, Mangion said that the theft occurred last night after a person managed to get into the Parish office and steal money that was due to be deposited into the bank. Mangion explained that the money was collected last week by members from the locality and appealed to anyone who has any information relating to the case to go to the police.

You have a couple of options to consider if you want to settle in the UK. You can come on a fiance visa, get married then apply for a spouse visa, or marry in the US and apply for a spouse visa to return to the UK. You can also get married on a marriage visitor visa in the UK but you cannot change from this visa or a normal visit visa into the spouse visa so would have to return to the US after the marriage to apply for a spouse visa. If cost is an issue it may be an option as a marriage visitor visa at $125 plus the costs of a return flight could work out considerably cheaper than a fiancé visa. The conditions for both a fiance and a spouse visa are more or less the same and if you understand the logic behind them, it makes the whole process fairly simple. You must both be 18 or over, have met and intend to live together as a married couple in the UK. You must also have adequate accommodation and be able to support yourselves without recourse to public funds (welfare). If you apply for a fiance visa you must show evidence that a wedding is being planned and if you apply for a spouse visa you must show evidence that a wedding has taken place. The documentary evidence you will need to gather is: ~ proof that the relationship has a history, that you have met, how the relationship developed and how you keep in regular contact. Photos, air tickets, email logs, phone bills etc. ~ proof that you have a wedding planned or it has taken place. Wedding photos, marriage cert, invitations, receipts or confirmation of bookings for a planned wedding and receipts of rings, dress etc. ~ proof of adequate accommodation. What they want proof of here is that you won t be living in an overcrowded property as per the Housing Act 1985. You will need to submit the landlord s or owner s written permission for you both to live there or a joint rent or mortgage agreement in both your names. Floor plans or agents details stating the number and size of rooms. If sharing, you must have at least a bedroom for your own exclusive use as a couple. ~ financial information that shows that you can support yourselves without the need for benefits. Both of you must submit your employment contracts, three to six months payslips and bank statements and any evidence of savings or other income. Your b/f should be earning at least £105.95 per week after tax, rent/mortgage, council tax and utilities. This is the minimum income support level before someone becomes entitled to claim benefits. The reason you need to submit this even though your employment will end when you move to the UK is that it gives an indication of how economically viable you are likely to be in the UK. You can supplement this info with your CV, qualification certificates etc and any attempts to secure interviews for UK employment if you wish. A fiancé visa is valid for six months only and you must marry in this time. It is very difficult to get an extension without a serious reason such as illness of one of the parties to the marriage which prevented it taking place. You cannot work on this visa but you are entitled to free NHS treatment immediately you arrive. A spouse visa is a probationary visa, allows you to work and will be 27 months long if you apply outside the UK or 24 months long if you apply inside the UK. 28 days before you have been resident in the UK for 24 months you can apply for Indefinite leave to remain (settlement) as long as your marriage is still intact. This frees you from immigration control. You will need to submit documentary proof of cohabitation such as joint bank accounts, council tax bills, utility bills etc dated throughout the two year period. It s a good idea to get your name on as many official documents like this ASAP to establish residency for opening a bank account, getting a national insurance number etc. The costs are: Fiancé visa $1,337 Spouse visa from the US $1,337 Spouse visa priority service $1,637 Spouse visa in the UK postal £550 Spouse visa in the UK in person £850 This is worth doing as you can usually get a same day decision and then work immediately. ILR postal £972 ILR in person £1,350 After three years residency you can apply for British citizenship as the spouse of a British citizen. There are proposals afoot to lengthen the time it takes to apply for ILR from two to five years in line with all other settlement routes. This would mean that you would have to wait until you had residency for five years before you could apply for citizenship as you must hold ILR first. If this change does come into force, it would not be applied to those who already are in the UK with spouse visas.