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Rehearsal has gone well but Bridget, played by Kaley Cuoco is still not confident. She is also lonely after staying at an appartment for months away from home while shooting the show. After rehearsal ended, Bridget whispered for her tv “dad” if he could stay a little late and iron out some rough spots for the next show, which featured Bridget in alot of private scenes with Paul.

“Oh sweetheart, we will.. we will do all sorts of things together” John expressed “Our little secret for now.. but oh I do love you sweet one” John went on.

Recovering.. dressing.. and holding one another again. John and Kaley leave the empty set.. as John drives Kaley back to her apartment. This may change things between these two actors but what a change

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I thought he was married with a child/children? Didn t know he was unattached. And yeah, I thought she was a lesbian as well. Wow.

Wow - she did such a great job in Bound that people believe she is a lesbian?

She also supposedly had an affair with President Clinton. Vanity Fair even reported that.

I like Gina Gershon but what exactly has she done that people are still talking about her to this day? Showgirls (which I loved BTW because of the camp) was panned critically. Bound was a David Lynch movie which really only appeals to a smaller segment of the movie going audience. Snoops, which was great while it lasted, but I don t even think it got past the 13 episode deal. And a cameo on Ellen when Ellens character came out. That really isn t a stellar resume, so other than her obvious beauty, why is she still in the public eye? Was her role in Showgirls that iconic?

When he went back to work, everything had returned to the way it was before the accident.  He was a complete nobody again.  No one remembered his date with Taylor and no one gave him the time of day.  That evening, when he went home and watched TV, he tried to jerk off to a few cute girls on the Disney Channel but the desire was gone.  He lived his life out in loneliness but every once in a while, he would sit and smile as he remembered the best week of his life.