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Miley Cyrus has been in relationships with Stella Maxwell (2015) , Patrick Schwarzenegger (2014 - 2015) , Justin Gaston (2008 - 2009) , Thomas Sturges (2008) , Nick Jonas (2006 - 2009) and Tyler Posey (2001).

Miley Cyrus has had encounters with Douglas Booth (2014) , Mike Will Made It (2014) , Brooke Candy (2014) , Kellan Lutz (2013) , Benji Madden (2013) , Avan Jogia (2010) , Adam Sevani (2010) and Dylan Sprouse (2006).

Cyrus went on to release her second studio album, Breakout (2008), in June of that year. [58] The album boasted the highest first week sales of her career thus far, and became her third to top the Billboard 200. [59] [60] Cyrus later starred with John Travolta in the animated film Bolt (2008), her debut as a theatrical actress. [61] The film was a critical and commercial success earning her a Golden Globe nomination. [62]

Cyrus was the center of more controversy when a video posted online in December 2010 showed a then eighteen Cyrus smoking salvia with a bong. [88] [89] [90] 2010 ended with her ranked number thirteen on Forbes ' Celebrity 100 list. [91]

Miley Cyrus's net worth is estimated at $200 million in 2017. She earned $201 million from sold-out concerts and $76 million from endorsements. Her lifetime (2001-2017) earnings are estimated to be in excess of $360 million. [297]

To celebrate another successful year of Carpool Karaoke , James Corden released a compilation of all his guests singing Santa Claus Is Comin' to Town.

Miley Cyrus , Pink , Ed Sheeran , Usher , Katy Perry , Bruno Mars , and Kelly Clarkson were all featured in the festive mashup but one musician got particularly naughty in the passenger seat.

By that we mean Harry Styles , who ended the song by planting a big KISS on the Late Late Show host's lips. A true Christmas miracle!

Just send a letter first. She might go with a normal person but chances are, she would head for a famous one. But you should try. If you go famous I will go TheRisingShowDown whoo!! Many people hate her (like me) but listen to whats right.

No, according to a Girls Life interview she doesn t. Heres the interview: GL: "Word is you have a thing for one of the Jonases. True?" MC: "Ew, no! No! No, not at all." GL: "Have you heard that rumor?" MC: "No." GL: "But they re cute." MC: "No, thank you. They re like, awesome guys. They re really good friends of mine, but I definitely do not have a crush." Also she states it on this video:

The Voice's Miley Cyrus news plus more on the Hannah Montana star's song Jolene with Dolly Parton and updates on partner Liam Hemsworth and sister Noah.

I think she can date whoever she wants.It doesn t matter whether we approve of her boyfriends or not.Hey,maybe it s God s plan for her to marry him?Who knows?!

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She loves screwing with the media, so don't read too much into this, but she knew what she was doing for sure when she wrote the caption.

Gotta say. we know she started out young, but it feels like we've been following Miley for 3 decades. She was 11 when she first starred in "Hannah Montana."

The 25-year-old pop star was 'so ready' to win The Voice with Brooke Simpson that she donned her 'finest' victory robe on Monday as the four finalists performed.

She revealed on The Tonight Show Starring Jimmy Fallon earlier this year that she gave up smoking marijuana. But Miley Cyrus still has Mary Jane in her life - Mary Jane being her pit bull.

She is a judge on the hit show The Voice. And on Friday, Miley Cyrus posted an Instagram while in the studio with Brooke Simpson.